Monday, July 30, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Tuesday September 10, 1985

Monday night a close friend read about how rats are selling at higher prices than chickens for eating in China. Then he went outside and watched the commotion where a man had cornered a snake on a grassy hillside beside the wall of a building. The snake was black and white. My friend thought it was a king snake.

I dreamt I intervened where a snake had cornered a mouse on a grassy hillside. I helped the mouse escape into a crown-like container on top of my head. I then baked the mouse and ate part of it thinking it looked and tasted like a baked chicken thigh. Then I was in the basement of the house where I grew up. My brother was taking a snake out of a terrarium that was in the place where a black and white television had been when we lived there.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy with Time Shift

Monday September 2, 1985

Sunday night I read a questionable account about Indian gurus who allowed themselves to be buried alive and months later were dug up, still alive!

On Monday I played a Star Trek game for several hours on my parents' personal computer with my brother. We were frustrated by the large number of times we had to shoot the Klingon ships before they were destroyed. We had to stop our last game before it was over.

Early Monday morning a close friend in another state dreamt he was on an archaeological expedition. He dug up several people who were miraculously still alive. Then there were three enemies that looked like Klingons. My friend and several Star Trek characters shot the Klingons over and over with phasers before the Klingons finally died.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Sunday September 1, 1985

A close friend was spending the weekend with his parents in another state. His mother had mentioned a newspaper article to him which he had intended to read but had not gotten around to reading. One of the things she commented on from the article had to do with the number of public restrooms per thousands of people in Russia. My friend went to bed and dreamt of performing a space walk to repair his ship while orbiting one of Jupiter's moons. He was very concerned about the possibility of accidentally puncturing his suit with one of his tools.

I dreamt I was on a space mission. I was very concerned about a fellow astronaut's space suit. The owner of the suit had died and the suit did not fit the replacement astronaut properly. Later I dreamt of entering a small restroom on my way to a meeting. The restroom was absolutely filthy. I knew it's condition was due to the fact that it was the only facility for use by nearly 500,000 people going to the meeting.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Overlapping Dreams

Thursday August 22, 1985

A close friend and I both dreamt of driving in the country as part of a longer dream. We both dreamt of stopping at a small country store. My friend dreamt he was wandering around the store looking for the proprietor. He remembered going outside and talking to someone in the parking area before going back in.

I dreamt of driving away from town to get my thoughts together after arguing with someone. When I was ready to return I looked for a place to turn around. I saw a little country store ahead on the right. I pulled into the parking area and saw my friend coming out of the store. I stopped and spoke with him briefly and then had a disoriented moment trying to figure out which way I was going. My friend directed me away from town since that's the way he saw me heading when I pulled in. I drove off in that direction, remembered that I had simply pulled into the store to turn around, turned around, and drove back to town.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Wednesday August 21, 1985

I watched the TV show "In Search of... Moon Madness" with Leonard Nimoy Tuesday night. I turned it off and went to bed before the show was over.

My closest friend dreamt of being in a spaceship that had problems. He and some others escaped from the ship to the ground below in a lunar landing module. After landing, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) was present, but there was something wrong with him. There were two Spocks -- one seemed unnatural and the other seemed normal.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Astral Projection with Dual Consciousness

Monday August 12, 1985

I lay on my back trying to astral project from 10:30 PM to 12:30 AM. At 12:30 I gave up and decided to go to sleep. I rolled onto my stomach and turned my head to the left. A couple of minutes later I felt the internal motion sensations I've learned to associate with astral body separation. I felt my astral body move away from my physical body. My vision was very fuzzy. There was a faintly-illuminated, out-of-focus object in the center of my field of vision. It was as if I was looking through spun glass or cotton. The illuminated area in the center caused a tunnel-like effect in my perception. The object I was trying to focus on looked like it was five or six feet away.

I moved my head to get better focus and several things happened at once -- the object I was looking at moved, I became disoriented momentarily, and everything went black. A few seconds later I felt somewhat stabilized and my vision returned. I could see the light object I'd been looking at. It was my physical head! My head was lifted slightly up off the pillow and looking at me. My physical eyes were open. Suddenly I was aware and perceiving from both bodies simultaneously. Through my physical eyes I could see the bedside table and the bedroom wall directly behind the table. Astrally I could see my physical face looking at me. I felt disoriented for a few seconds and then stabilized.

I realized that to see my physical body from the angle and distance my view indicated, I was seeing through the bedroom wall and the bedside table. I wondered if those physical obstacles were why my vision was so poor. However astral vision works, I was looking through solid objects to see my body. Then I wondered if the gray fuzziness was because I was looking through my astral cord. I studied the area between me and my body trying to ascertain whether or not there was a cord. I couldn't see a cord and deduced that if one was there I was looking straight down it.

I kept feeling unstable like the experience was about to end. I guessed that the instability was because I was only five or six feet from my body. I figured if I could get away I could extend and clarify the experience. I visualized my best friend sleeping in bed and myself standing next to his bed. Nothing happened. I tried to fly straight up into the air like Superman, but was jostled and disoriented again by movements in both bodies. I looked at my face again and realized what was so unnerving. My past experiences of looking at my own face were always in a mirror. When I look in a mirror my reflection always does exactly what I do, but opposite. If I move my right the mirror image moves its left. In this situation my face and upper body were making the same movements I was making in the astral, which was very unmirror-like. When I moved my astral right, my body moved its physical right. That difference was quite disorienting.

At least three times, I tried to move and briefly became disoriented. Finally I made another strong attempt to fly away. The result was feeling motion and a big jolt. Suddenly I was completely back in the physical, propped up on my right elbow, and staring at the wall behind the bedside table. The bizarre experience was over.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Wednesday August 7, 1985

I went to sleep designing my record album data base -- categories, sort keys, data fields, etc. I was also thinking about how to test my stereo's microphone which I had just soldered. The problem was that I had just recorded on my last blank tape. My project leader at work had criticized me that day. I was frustrated by his comments. Those were the topics I was thinking about as I fell asleep.

That night a close friend dreamt of looking through record albums while I stood behind him watching impatiently. Finally he tried to tape some music and was irritated to discover that he had used all of his blank tapes.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Overlapping Dreams

August 1985 (first week, day not recorded)

A close friend dreamt that the Three Stooges used NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques to achieve their success. Some girls tried to teach him a song that for some reason he could not learn. Then he visited a giant restroom.

The same night I dreamt that several girls tried to help me write down the notes to a song I did not know. I could not remember the song no matter how many times they sang it. After each note, I made the girls sing the next note. They could only comply if they did the dance move that went with that note. I thought how NLP students would enjoy the way the girls stored the notes kinesthetically. While the girls were teaching me I looked to the right down a long hallway. At the far end I saw my friend walk into view, turn, and go into a restroom.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Friday July 19, 1985

I spent a miserable night trying to find and catch or kill a cricket that prevented me from sleeping for more than a few minutes at a time before it would start chirping again. Of course every time I got up and started looking for it, the cricket would stop chirping.

The same night a close friend dreamt there was a cricket in his room. He searched for, found, and caught the cricket, which he then fed to his pet tarantula. He had the same dream (with only trivial differences) several times during that night.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dream Projection & False Awakening

Tuesday July 2, 1985

This was one of my strangest astral projections. I had just visited my parents in the home where I grew up in North Carolina. It was my first night back in my home in South Carolina.

I became conscious in pitch blackness and knew I was projected. I also knew I was standing vertically a few inches off of the floor. I was slowly swaying and bobbing back and forth. I couldn't see anything.

I raised my right hand in front of my face and concentrated on sending psychic energy to my hand to make it visible. I remembered what I had learned about directing energy into my hand for healing and for spoon bending. I waved my hand back and forth as I tried to send energy into it.

After several seconds my hand began glowing a faint green, like watch hands used to glow in the dark. I wondered if somehow I was making my body's phosphorous accumulate in my hand. I could see trails as I waved my hand, as if whatever was glowing in my hand could not keep up with my hand's movements. I wondered if instead the trails were afterimages, although astral eyes do not have the chemical processes of physical eyes. I continued to wave my green hand back and forth in front of my face as I tried to understand what I was seeing. My middle three fingers were so bright they had halos extending out into the air around them. My little finger, thumb, hand, wrist, and arm were also glowing green, but they were very pale.

I decided to see if I could shoot a flashlight-like beam from my palm. I held my palm facing outward and concentrated on making light shoot from my palm to illuminate whatever it hit. I was not successful.

I held my left hand up too and began waving both hands back and forth in front of my face. I wanted to be able to fully see my surroundings. I concentrated on gaining full vision. Suddenly I felt a shifting motion and I projected again, backwards about a foot or more. I could see my first astral body from behind. It was standing about a foot away waving its arms in front of its face. I could also see my newly-projected body's hands waving back and forth in front of my face. Both bodies were in the same position doing the same motions. I thought how strange it was to project from my astral body into a second astral body.

Then I woke up. I felt fully conscious and awake. I was standing in the doorway of my childhood bedroom, facing across the hallway. I didn't understand how I had been asleep while standing. I remembered driving back to South Carolina. I didn't understand how I was in North Carolina. I wondered if I was asleep and dreaming, or if I was astral travelling. I discounted both ideas since I was obviously completely awake in the physical. When I wondered if I was astral travelling the memory of the astral experience I had just had came flooding back. I rehearsed it repeatedly because I did not want to forget it. I kept reviewing the arm-waving projection experience until I was convinced I would remember it.

Then I really awoke in my bed in South Carolina. I was astounded by the clarity of the experience and thoroughly baffled by my misperception of being fully awake in the physical when I wasn't. I don't think that had ever happened before.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Sunday June 30, 1985

I dreamt my mouth was about to be operated on. The doctor was going to hollow out my molars.

Three days later my mother told me that my father had an infection underneath one of his molars. She said due to his allergies the doctor was afraid to inject antibiotics to kill the infection. She said the infection was spreading into the surrounding tissue. She said the next Monday a doctor was going to do exploratory surgery under the tooth. He was going to clean out as much of the infection as possible.

I had not known anything about my father's infection.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Monday, July 23, 2007

Precognitive Dream

Wednesday May 15, 1985

At the time of this dream I was Safety Coordinator for my company's Information Processing Center in which I had my office. I had responsibilities that included evacuation plans, fire and security control panels that alerted a local response team, fire extinguishers (including an automated Halon system in the computer room), and more. I was very alert to safety issues.

I dreamt I was eating lunch when I was interrupted by a small fire. I quickly put out the fire and looked up at the smoke detectors on the ceiling. I worried that the smoke would set off fire alarms alerting and disturbing everyone in the building. I knew the time was between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM. My first thought upon waking from the dream was that it was prophetic and the building's fire alarms would go off that day.

Later that day I was eating lunch in the break room when a coworker hurried in to tell me the fire alarm was ringing in the computer room. The time was 12:36 PM EDT. We had been on daylight saving time for about two weeks. The eastern standard time was 11:36 AM.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Psychometry & Telepathy

Saturday May 4, 1985

I visited a friend and tried to perform several psychometric readings. Some of my impressions were weak and apparently inaccurate. Here's a record of the successful readings.

My friend handed me an Oriental wooden box.
I saw a small table, smaller than a card table and larger than a TV table. I saw human teeth and handcrafted German wall clocks.
My friend said he had bought the box in the early seventies in a shop at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. He remembered the shop had German clocks hanging on the walls. As he was leaving the shop he embarrassed himself by tripping over a wooden table that was the size I described. The box was a puzzle box and my friend did not remember how to open it. Nor did he know what was in it. He experimented with the box and finally got it open. To our surprise all it contained was several human teeth.

My friend handed me a carved, varnished, wooden frog -- like you might see in a shop selling African handicrafts.
I saw a Frisbee and a woofle ball, and tried to stop since I had expected to see art objects. My friend made me continue. I saw jelly beans, Mexican jumping beans, jacks, and several board games.
My friend said the frog was his longest-owned possession. He said it was given to him when he was a pre-schooler and he had kept it with the toys in his toy chest throughout his childhood.

Twice while my friend was in another room looking for suitable objects, I had strong impressions and called to him. Once I yelled that I saw a writing pen and he yelled back that one was in his hand. A short time later I yelled, "Are you thinking about your rabbit's foot?", and he was! I did not even know he owned a rabbit's foot.

My friend handed me an unused musket bullet.
I saw an aquarium with no water in it, skulls, seashells, coral, green plastic plants, aquarium rocks, a wooden porch, an electric chandelier, sloppy shelves, and a snake skin.
My friend was amazed. He said at one of his former houses there was a small wooden back porch with untidy shelves. There was a terrarium containing gerbils and the musket bullet. On the shelves were rocks, seashells, coral, plastic plants, animal skulls, and a snake skin. The porch was off the dining room which had an electric chandelier.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney


Wednesday May 1, 1985

I had recently been introduced to psychometry and I had received accurate impressions from two objects I had tried to read. I told a friend about my experience. One evening at his house I decided to try again. The experiment was quite successful. Here's a record of my readings.

The object was a wristwatch my friend retrieved from another room.
My impressions: I saw a buckeye, a field filled with stumps, a green or yellow marble, a pretty girl (whom I described in detail) whose name sounded like "M", and a blue button.
My friend said one buckeye had been in the box containing the watch for years, he used to frequent a stumpy field while wearing the watch, the box with the watch contained one marble -- a clear marble with an interior design that was green on one side and yellow on the other, while wearing the watch he had been friends with a girl who matched my description and whose name was "Kim", and the box containing the watch also contained one loose gray button.

The object was a book my friend retrieved from the other room. (I did not record the title).
My impressions: I said "money" and "coinage" (which did not seem related to the book).
My friend went to the other room, came back, and said books on investments had been on either side of the book on the same shelf, and his coin collection was on the shelf above the book.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Precognitive Dream

Wednesday, May 1, 1985

On Wednesday morning I had a dream in which I was in a room with a girl who had built a strange contraption out of a telephone, vacuum cleaner, and typewriter. The girl was on my left. Two young gray-suited businessmen came into the room. They were on my right. They tried to convince me to buy the machine. I could see that the machine was moving, but I did not understand its utility. I decided the machine would not be useful to me.

When I awakened from that dream I could not see how it related to any recent experiences or anything I had been thinking about. The dream seemed surreal and out of place in an otherwise normal night of dreaming.

I was a programmer for a large international corporation. On Thursday my boss unexpectedly asked me to represent the systems development group at a meeting with our operations manager and salesmen from another company. The meeting was outside of my normal job responsibilities and I was apprehensive. I entered the meeting room and felt a rush of deja vu. The operations manager was on my left and two young men wearing gray suits were on my right. The two young men explained how this piece of software they wanted to sell us would solve our remote printing problems. They ran a demonstration of the software and the demonstration failed. The men explained that the software had been written in BASIC by one of their company's customers and was not yet perfected. I did not understand the details of how the software was supposed to handle the remote printing problems we had not been able to solve internally. The men were unable to explain the details in a way that made sense to me. I recommended to my boss that we not buy the software.

The more I thought about the dream and the meeting, the more amazed I was at the warning my subconscious had given me. I was going to be in a stressful situation outside my comfort zone, and my boss was relying on my judgement for the whole programming group. It would have been detrimental to my self-esteem and to my credibility within the group if I had recommended software that would not work for us.

Similarities between the dream and the meeting included the following:
four person meeting,
two young men wearing gray suits on my right,
fourth person in room was on my left ,
the young men were salesmen,
the product demonstration showed no useful results,
the salesmen could not explain how the product worked,
the product had been built by a third party,
my feeling of apprehension and confusion,
both devices dealt with communications and printing,
both devices sucked. (grin)

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Monday morning, April 29, 1985

I went alone to see the movie "Mask" Sunday night. I was affected by the central motorcycle gang and the pleasant memories it invoked from my pool-playing days.

My best friend dreamt of a confrontation with a motorcycle gang.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Friday, February 2, 1985

Unknown to me a close friend spent his evening watching other people play pool. He did not play.

That night I dreamt of attempting to play pool with a disinterested and uncooperative opponent. (I was an avid pool player prior to 1981, but after 1981 I played less often than once a year.)

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Early Wednesday morning, January 30, 1985

I did not eat breakfast cereal and I had not bought, eaten, or looked at cereals in years. I never went down the cereal aisle when I shopped for groceries. Tuesday evening I went grocery shopping. I decided to buy some cereal. I spent about ten minutes in the cereal aisle being amazed at the multitude of choices and the abundance of monsters pictured on the boxes (i.e. Booberry, Frankenberry, Count Chocula, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., E.T., Gremlins, and so on).

That night a close friend dreamt of fighting a "monster-man" on a rooftop. After a struggle, my friend managed to throw the monster-man off of the roof. He quickly went to the edge to watch the monster fall. My friend was surprised to see the monster fall into a giant cereal box. The monster landed in the cereal and sank out of sight.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Early Sunday morning, January 27, 1985

Unbeknownst to me a good friend spent the weekend in another state visiting his parents. He spent Saturday afternoon working with his father to build a bird cage for a conure. He and his father built a frame and then wrapped wire screen around the frame.

I dreamt of being on a porch (open on three sides) with the same friend. We were hastily putting screen around the porch to keep the birds out. There were no birds yet, but we knew there soon would be.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney