Thursday, March 14, 2013

Intentional Astral Projection

February 20, 2006 Monday

This was one of my more successful attempts at astral projection. I had been reading Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics. My intention was to do several exercises repeatedly until I projected. Exercises included: full-body stretch, 10 long deep breaths, progressive muscular relaxation from feet to face, awareness feet and leg stimulation, energy-raising full-body circuits, stimulation of chakras beginning with the feet, room bounce, expanding to fill the room, spinning around the room, walking around the apartment, and more, which I performed for about an hour and fifty minutes. Finally, my astral body was suddenly out, with none of the falling, racing-heart, spinning, rushing-noises, vibrations or other sensations I usually experienced as I projected.

I was in complete blackness. I wanted to visit a good friend who lives in Pennsylvania. (I live in South Carolina.) I visualized my friend and said his name over and over again. As I felt myself flying through blackness I had dual consciousness. I could feel my body saying my friend's name aloud and I could hear my body saying his name as I flew.

The flight stopped and I found myself in a dark room or hallway scooting along the floor toward the open doorway of a lit bedroom. There was one person in the bedroom, a man sitting up in bed on top of the covers. He was not the friend I had tried to visit. He was wearing long, dark, sweat pants or pajama bottoms -- navy, I think -- and a light-colored tee-shirt. The man looked familiar, but I couldn't place him.

I stood up as I entered the bedroom. The man stared at me contemplatively, as if he was about to speak to me. I moved to my right and saw that he kept staring at the doorway, thinking. He couldn't see me. I studied the man in an attempt to recognize him. He had a large nose and a goatee. He was slim. I guessed the man to be in his forties. He was alert, like he felt like something was amiss, but he didn't know what.

I grabbed his left leg and shook it. No response. He slowly looked around the room and blew air, puffing his cheeks out as he blew. I grabbed his left arm and shook it. He raised his left arm, absently scratched his left cheek briefly, and returned his arm to his side. He obviously could not see or feel me.

Suddenly I was wide awake back in my body. I turned on the light and recorded the experience. A few days later the man's identity occurred to me. The man looked like the actor F. Murray Abraham.

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