Monday, June 11, 2007


Throughout my life I have experienced psychic phenomena - lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, and telepathy. Astral Projection is my favorite psychic experience, but it is difficult to achieve from a waking state (at least for me). The most common psychic phenomena I experience is dream telepathy, however, I've also experienced precognition, psychometry, psychokinesis, remote viewing, and clairvoyance. On this site I will share many of my psychic experiences, beginning with my earliest records and progressing to the present.

In contemplating whether to publish my psychic experiences I quickly came up with the following list of reasons for doing so.

1. I would like to increase the visibility of psychic phenomena. I think such phenomena are important parts of reality that must be recognized and included in our incomplete scientific worldview.

2. Often people are frightened by psychic experiences. Perhaps some people will find this site, read experiences similar to their own, and realize their experiences are normal. Such people may find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

3. My data should be available to researchers.

4. I dislike the social taboo against psychic experience. People are uncomfortable discussing dreams, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, and similar experiences. People who openly share such experiences are often ridiculed and not taken seriously. I think the world would be a better place if people freely discussed psychic phenomena.

5. I would like to organize my experiences and save them in one place. Creating this blog gives me an opportunity to do that.

6. I probably will gain new understanding and insights from rereading my records. I may recognize important patterns.

7. I have noticed the more I think about psychic experiences the more likely I am to have them, so working on this blog will probably induce more experiences.

8. My psychic experiences will give family, friends, and acquaintances a way to know me better, if they so desire.

Psychic experiences are controversial. I realize that an experience I interpret as telepathic could be dismissed as a random coincidence by someone else. However, an internal psychic experience is real to the experiencer and cannot be refuted. The controversy lies in what a psychic experience means. For example, if I experience an astral projection there's no question that I had the experience. The question is, "What does the experience mean?" Did I have an unusual dream? Did my consciousness travel to another physical location? Are time and space illusions that I temporarily transcended? Did some part of me explore an alternate dimension not yet discovered by science? The answers to these questions are not known, although theories are plentiful.

I should emphasize that every account is as accurate as I can make it. I have edited the entries for clarity, brevity, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Reading the Wikipedia article on Invasion of Privacy convinced me not to use real names, so I have obscured the identities of other people wherever necessary.

Enjoy the entries. Thanks for visiting. Your comments are welcome.

Jon Maloney

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

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Padma said...

Hello. I also have lucid dreams, and astral experiences. Deciding which is which is a trick. According to some, they are the same. I found your blog because this morning, I became lucid and someone said to me to look at my hand. When I did, it was glowing with green and yellow energy. You posted a similar experience, so I found it when searching for this phenomena. So hello, fellow traveler!