Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dream Telepathy

January 18, 2006, Wednesday

I was in South Carolina. My friend was in Pennsylvania.

Tuesday night (1/17/06) my friend was reading a Dilbert cartoon book by Scott Adams, Words You Don't Want to Hear During Your Annual Review. The cover showed the boss giving Wally his performance review and saying, "COOT... FERAL... SQUIRRELLY..." My friend thought about other members of the animal kingdom and realized most would probably be bad to hear during a review. He liked the cartoons and he wanted to share them with someone. He considered taking the book to work, but decided not to. A few hours later on Wednesday morning (1/18/06) I dreamt that my friend was reading something funny. I thought it was a cartoon. He wanted me to read it and handed it to me saying something about the one that started with "You know why they call me wolf?" I took it but I did not read it.

Parallels between reality and my dream:
My friend read funny cartoons and wanted to share them,
What he was sharing referenced an animal, and
No one else read the cartoons my friend wanted to share.

Copyright 2013 Jon Maloney

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