Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dream Telepathy with Friend on Cruise

January 31, 2006 Tuesday

I was in South Carolina. My friend lives in Arizona.

Tuesday morning (1/31/06) I dreamt that my friend and I were hiding on a boat or train. We were hiding for fun rather than from fear. Later we were picking up coins, many of which were strange, not standard US coins. I sent my friend an email about the dream.

On the morning of February 6 I received an email reply from my friend. He said he had just returned from a week-long cruise in the Caribbean. He said during the cruise he had played around with his friends by hiding from them in the ship's passageways. He also said he played a lot of slot machines and handled lots of coins and casino chips.

Parallels between my dream and reality:
hiding on a boat for fun
handling strange coins

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