Saturday, December 10, 2011

Astral Projection in Dream

January 14, 2006 Saturday about 7:00 AM

I dreamt that I was very tired. I lied down to rest. I felt a projection beginning, overcame the reflexive resistance to losing control, and projected. I found myself above the North Carolina house in which I grew up. I was not lucid and I did not know I was dreaming. As I flew around the yard I noticed that I had no problem staying aloft. Usually when I am projected and flying I lose altitude involuntarily. I also realized that it was the first projection I had experienced in a long time. I thought about how effortlessly I had projected and how easily I was maintaining the projection. I realized I needed to try to project in dreams more often.

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Dream Telepathy

December 2, 2005 Friday

After lunch on Thursday, my friend in Pennsylvania noticed a wooden table, some chairs, and lots of white plastic bags stacked at the trash bin behind a store. He came back that night after dark to get the table and possibly other stuff worth taking. The table was gone. He thought about whether the chairs would fit in his vehicle. He was uneasy behind the store at night and wondered what the employees would think if they saw him taking stuff. There were lots of plastic bags. He left without taking anything.

A few hours later on Friday morning in South Carolina, I dreamt that my friend and I were at a store where he was getting a bunch of plastic bags on a wooden pallet at a reduced price. He left. I stayed and hassled with the employees over taking the stuff. One employee acted like our getting the stuff was illicit. Later, after dark, my friend returned. We were standing by the pile of plastic bags behind the store at a backdoor, like a receiving entrance. The wooden pallet was gone. We wondered if the other stuff would fit into our vehicle. When the dream ended we had not taken anything.


My friend had the “good deal” feeling of saving money. (In reality the items were free. In the dream the items were at a special low price.)

My friend saw the stuff he wanted, left for awhile, and came back after dark to get it.

In reality there was a wooden table. In the dream it was a wooden pallet.

The table/pallet was gone when my friend came back for it.

There were piles of plastic bags.

We stood beside the stuff in the dark behind the store.

We were concerned about what the employees thought about our taking the stuff.

We were uneasy in the dark behind the store.

We contemplated what would fit into the vehicle.

We ended up not taking anything.

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Dream Telepathy

July 31, 2005 Sunday

This incident occurred when I was in South Carolina and my friend was in Pennsylvania.

Sunday morning I dreamt I was helping a friend with a project that involved his going for supplies, using a tape measure, and painting. In the scene I remember I was stooped painting a vertical surface white and my friend was working a couple of feet above my head. My impression was that it was a wall or a stair. The project involved more than just painting, because painting does not require taking measurements.  

Unknown to me, a support on my friend's stairway to his basement broke several days before my dream. My friend thought about fixing it but didn’t get to it until Sunday (7/31/2005). He bought supplies at Home Depot, used a tape measure to reposition the railing supports, and sat on the stairs as he worked. He wanted to do some touch-up painting around the repairs but he didn’t get to it. The wall is white.

Parallels:  Getting supplies, working on the stair, using a tape measure, and thinking of painting with white paint.

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