Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strong Dream Telepathy

July 20, 2005 Wednesday

Wednesday morning (in South Carolina) I dreamed that my father and I were looking at an old black-and-white photograph. It was an old war photo that showed a city with a military plane flying over it. He said the pilot was a guy named Jimmy and the city was Binghamton.

That same morning my father (in North Carolina) was preparing a talk about The Lonesome Lady, a World War II bomber whose crew he knew. The plane had been shot down. My father was assembling pictures, making handouts, and writing his talk. Later that day I mentioned my morning dream to my father in an email. He responded in an email, saying, "Mark it up as a coincidence, but as you were dreaming about Jimmy and Binghamton, I was thinking of how to present my talk about the Lonesome Lady mission including the bombardier, Jim Ryan from Binghamton, NY."

That may be the clearest incidence of telepathy I've had with my father. Not only did I pick up on my father, his old photos, World War II, and flying, but I got two proper names – Jimmy and Binghamton.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Waking Telepathy

April 12, 2005 Tuesday

On Tuesday, for no apparent reason, I found myself thinking about the older brother of a good friend of mine from the 1970s. I had not thought about the older brother in many years. I wondered what became of him. I barely knew him, and I'm sure I wouldn't recognize him if I saw him.

The next day, on Wednesday morning, I received an unexpected email from an old friend who lives in Texas. He said he had meant to mention that he had found our mutual friend's older brother on the Internet, but he had forgotten to tell me. He went on to relate the guy's current position, education, languages, etc.

It appears that my Texas friend researched the older brother, meant to tell me about it, and forgot to tell me about it, which prompted telepathic communication.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Heard My Name Called

March 6, 2005 Sunday 5:50 PM

I was meditating before supper. I had been breathing deeply for about twenty minutes. I was very relaxed. I was startled to hear a woman's voice call my name, "Jon", loudly and clearly. It was so real and so loud that I felt a jolt of adrenalin and jumped. I was instantly wide awake. My heart was pounding. I knew no one else was in my apartment and the sound had to have been in my head. I had not recognized the woman's voice. The call did not sound like a warning, but just to get my attention.

Twice before I had heard someone call my name like that when no one was there. The first time was when I was about five or six years old, around 1959. I was standing in our downstairs playroom with my brother playing pool on a miniature, toy, pool table. That time a man's voice called, "Jon". I could not believe my brother had not heard it. At the time I decided it must have been God.

The second time it happened was in 1982 or 1983 when I lived on the shore of Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. That time it was a woman's voice. All three times the voice simply sounded like the caller wanted my attention, but then didn't say anything else.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Brief Dream Projection

January 29, 2005 Saturday 5:40 PM

I was lying on my back meditating before supper. I was sitting at a conference table in a meeting room with several other people. Suddenly everything went black and I felt my astral body sliding out of my physical body head first and backwards. When I was completely out I hovered in blackness. I could feel my heart pounding and I felt like my blood pressure had a large increase. I could hear a cacophony of concerned voices around me saying, "What happened?", "Is he alright?" I moved back and forth, then high, then swung like a pendulum, then rejoined my body.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dream Telepathy

January 4, 2005 Tuesday

I dreamed that I was playing poker with an old friend who lives in Arizona now. The game was chaotic with lots of confusion regarding who was in, who was out, what the bet was, whose turn it was, etc. The game had a surreal quality to it.

I wrote my friend an email about the dream. He said he had received the poker game "Texas Hold'em" as a Christmas gift. He said he and his grown son had been playing it after a lot of drinking in Mexico a few days earlier. He said it was the first time he had played poker in about three years.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

December 3, 2004 Friday

Friday morning I dreamt of an old friend who moved to Arizona. In my dream we were painting a wall with cream-colored paint. Then we were in a cluttered area looking for rattlesnakes. He yelled "There he is! There he is!" and caught a rattlesnake. He quickly inserted his shotgun down the length of the snake's body, pointing away from him, and began firing. As he fired he said that's the way they cook snake meat in the wild. Then he stopped firing and was holding some long sandwiches, like hotdogs or hoagies, instead of a snake and a shotgun. I was amazed. As soon as he saw the look on my face he broke out laughing, real hard. The whole thing had been a prank. There was no snake. He laughed and laughed uncontrollably.

I sent my friend an email telling him about my dream. He said a few days before (less than a week) he had been at his mountain cabin with two male relatives who were helping him build an addition onto the cabin. One of the guys came running out of the junky basement storage area saying he heard something move down there. My friend thought it might be a rattlesnake, since they are common in that area. So my friend and the guy went into the basement looking for the snake. My friend kept picking up pipe sections and pointing them down and away from him as he shook them to make a snake fall out if there was one inside. Then he heard something and looked in time to see a mouse run behind a cardboard box. He said he instantly knew the mouse had been the cause of the noise his relative had heard earlier. My friend said he yelled "Look out!" and screamed "Ahhhhhhh!" pointing at the mouse. His relative jumped and spun in the air to face the mouse in a boxer's fighting stance. (He used to be a boxer.) My friend said it looked so funny he laughed real hard until tears were running down his face. He said, "I laughed so hard I cried and tears were just streaming down my face. I told that story to our wives, friends the next night, and so on each time crying when I recounted Dick's 'fighting stance jump' with mice attacking."

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

November 14, 2004 Sunday

This incident was a first in that as I went to sleep early Sunday morning I intended to see if I could experience dream telepathy with my good friend in Pennsylvania. I succeeded.

I dreamt I was at my friend's house in Pennsylvania. My friend was showing me around the house. He pointed into a small bathroom and told me the commode was stopped up. 

My friend told me that earlier in the week the commode in the half bath near the kitchen in his house had stopped up and he had used a plunger to clear it. He said he has lived in that house for five years and this was the first time that commode had been clogged.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

November 7, 2004 Sunday

I almost didn't include this experience in my record because it seemed weak, but it appears so obviously to defy random coincidence that I decided to include it. Over the years my best friend and I have recognized that our telepathy is often induced when one of us wants to tell the other something, but then doesn't get a chance to do so. Our subconsciouses apparently attempt to complete the intended communication. This entry is an example of that phenomenon.

My friend intended to call me from Pennsylvania on Saturday night (11/5), but when he got ready to call it was too late so he didn't call. One of the things he meant to tell me about was a dream he had earlier that week. In his dream he was working in the building where we used to work together in South Carolina. There was a fire in the front part of the building that prevented him from taking the prescribed evacuation route down the building's front hallway. In order to avoid the fire he had to evacuate out the side door of the open office area.

Later that same night (early Sunday morning, 11/6) I dreamed I was hiking with my friend and there was a fire ahead that blocked our path. We had to take an alternate route to avoid the fire. Later, we were working together in the building where we used to work in real life.   

Parallels:  fire, our paths were blocked by fire and we had to take an alternate route, working in the building where we used to work.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

May 24, 2004 Monday

On Monday morning I dreamt that a good friend of mine and I were driving somewhere at night. As we neared our destination he turned right off the paved road to take a dirt road. I asked him what he was doing. He said if he stayed on the pavement he would get pulled over by the police, so he was going to drive the rest of the way on this unpaved road. 

Saturday night (the night before the night of my dream), my friend was driving some friends of his to his remote cabin in the Arizona mountains. His friends were drinking and they kept trying to get him to drink. He is paranoid about getting caught drinking and driving, so he refused to drink until they had left the paved road by turning onto the dirt road that led the last few miles to the cabin.

Parallels:  driving at night, paranoia about getting pulled over by the police, feeling safe from the police after leaving the paved road, taking the last few miles of the trip on a dirt road.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

May 6, 2004 Thursday

On Thursday morning I dreamt that my best friend's father had stopped breathing. I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and he started breathing again. I had never met my friend's father in real life. My friend lives in Pennsylvania, his father lives in Georgia, and I live in South Carolina.

My best friend was in Texas on business. He said on the previous Thursday his father had difficulty breathing and had been admitted to a hospital in Georgia. Pneumonia was suspected, but no cause was identified. My friend's father had been released from the hospital on Saturday. Of course my friend had been concerned about his father this week, especially since no cause of his father's breathing difficulty had been determined. 

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

April 15, 2004 Thursday

On Thursday morning I had a long dream with many scenes. The following dream pieces seemed to be taken from the thoughts of my best friend, who was in Texas on business that week.

I dreamt I was staying with my best friend and helping him with a home repair. We worked in his backyard, where we dug a hole. Then I was getting out of bed and saw Bruce Willis on the far side of the bed. I asked my friend what Bruce Willis was doing there. Then we heard some loud rasping-sawing noises from the far corner of the room. Investigation revealed it was a group of cicadas on the wall. We talked about the progress of someone we were training.

I related the dream to my friend by email. He said before he went to Texas he had repaired the deck on the back of his house. In the course of repairs he had to dig a hole under the deck. Then he had to go to Texas, leaving the deck repairs unfinished, which bothered him. He said he had been thinking about the deck repairs all week. During his trip to Texas he had been training an auditor. One night that week he had watched a Bruce Willis movie in his hotel room. Also that week he had read an article about cicadas. The article predicted the cicadas would be unusually loud this year. 

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Astral Projection into Dumpster

March 12, 2004 Friday about 8:45 AM

I had awakened about 7:00 AM lying on my back with my cat, Charlie, nestled under my left arm. I continued to lie there thinking and resting. I felt the internal motion sensations that usual precede astral separation. I relaxed and flowed with it. I felt like I was swaying left and right, and then up and down. I heard the dump truck emptying the dumpster on the far side of the condominium complex. I knew it would come and empty the dumpster next to my apartment next.

My astral body separated and quickly drifted upwards. I could see. I was pressed against the ceiling facing upward. All I could see was the ceiling, up close. I noticed it was not the painted ceiling in my current bedroom, but the type of ceiling that was in my childhood home in North Carolina. The ceiling was made of squares of fiberboard covered with small holes. I could feel the ceiling with my fingertips. I pressed them against the ceiling. I thought about going to visit my friend in Pennsylvania, but nothing happened.

Then I heard the dump truck pull into the parking area in front of my apartment, to empty the dumpster. I felt like I needed to go and protect my car, which is parked as close to the dumpster as possible without blocking it. Suddenly I was inside the dumpster and I couldn't see anymore. I felt the dumpster lift up off the ground. I tumbled over inside the dumpster as it was turned upside down over the dump truck. I bounced around inside the dumpster as it was banged up and down to empty it. Abruptly I was back in bed lying on my back with my cat still nestled under my arm.   

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Energizing Projection

January 30, 2004 Friday morning

When I went to bed Thursday night I thought about how long it had been since I had experienced a good astral projection. I slept from about 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM. I was trying to get back to sleep when I felt like I was spinning counterclockwise. I recognized that an OBE was starting. I remained passive so that I could flow with the experience. Suddenly I separated and quickly flew upwards. As usual I was in a black void with no simulated visual input. I realized I needed to re-energize myself. I knew I needed to travel upwards toward the light and absorb as much energy as possible before reentering my body. That's what I thought even though I could see no light. I flew upwards rapidly. I could hear sound. It wasn't music, but more like background noise whose pitch increased the higher I flew. Suddenly I felt an energetic surge, and infusion of energy, as if I had succeeded in recharging myself.

Then I realized I had been projected for some time, thinking and flying, yet I hadn't snapped back to my body yet. It was time to get my vision working and go somewhere. I wanted to see and suddenly I could see. I was flying around inside a dimly-lit circular arena, or pit, with gray stone walls. My first impression was that the walls looked like walls in the original DOOM game by id software. The arena was perhaps 50-70 feet in diameter. I was flying around the inner perimeter, about ten feet off the ground and several feet in from the wall. I was aware that I was being watched by viewers above and beyond the top of the wall. There were openings, or windows, irregularly spaced in the walls. I was being watched by people in those windows too. I realized although I had succeeded in gaining vision, what I was seeing was not real. I wanted to see what was really around me.

I decided I wanted to go visit my best friend, whom I often try to visit during projections. I began descending and found myself sliding and bouncing along the ground. Movement was difficult as if I was moving through molasses. Abruptly the OBE was over and I was sitting on the floor in an open-office environment. I couldn't believe I had been stupid enough to sit down on the floor at work and have an out-of-body experience while my coworkers worked around me. I knew I was at the company I used to work for, and for which my friend still works, but I knew I didn't belong there. I sat there for a minute resting and watching people work. Then I was sitting at a desk in the middle of the open-office area. I recognized the desk as mine. A small hardback book I had wanted to read before I left was still sitting on the desk. I think the book's title was SNARPS. It contained cartoon strips. I flipped through the book and noticed it was a library book. There was a card pocket and checkout card in the back. I wondered what the overdue fee would be. Snarps were funny creatures with long faces like aardvarks. The book was black and white.

Suddenly I was in a room with people I knew. In front of me to my right were three good friends of mine from around my high-school years. Each one had about a week's growth of beard. I was surprised they all worked at the company I used to work for. Across the hall I could see a man in an opened window trying to talk to me, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Then I was walking toward the entrance of a dark cafe or video arcade, like in a shopping mall. I was startled to see a dear old friend walking out. We embraced, there was a loud noise, and he vanished. I felt a great sense of loss. Then I was talking with a girl who had lived next door to me when we were children, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. I woke up.

Later that day I looked up "snarps" on Google. Most of the hits were genealogical or non-English. I translated one of the first hits, from Dutch to English. It said that Snarps are ectoplasmic creatures that haunt old houses. Neat.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Waking Telepathy

June 28, 2003 Saturday night

I was visiting my family in North Carolina where we were celebrating both my mother's and older brother's birthdays at the same gathering. I was concerned about how my brother would react to one of my gifts to him, our Great Uncle Len's World War I bugle. My brother is the keeper of the family's genealogy records. I was afraid he would resent the gift, thinking he should have had possession of the bugle all along. I had wrapped the bugle in a large box.

The gifts were separated into two piles, one pile for my mother and one pile for my brother. One of my gifts to my mother was wrapped in a shoe box. As my mother began removing the wrapping, my brother blurted out, "It's a bugle!" The box was much too small to hold a bugle. My brother had no idea why he had blurted out that it was a bugle. He was astounded when he opened my gift to him, saw the bugle, and remembered what he had said a few minutes earlier.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

October 6, 2002 Sunday

On Sunday morning I dreamt that my best friend and I were looking at a moving picture he had taken of bats hanging from a high ceiling in a large room. The picture was real time. We could see the bats moving around. We were in a house my friend had lived in a long time ago.

The same Sunday morning my best friend dreamt he was behind the house he lived in back in the late sixties and early seventies. He discovered a huge fallen tree with a cavernous hollow interior. He watched bats on the high ceiling of the tree's interior.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Merging Astral Energies

September 20, 2002 Friday morning

I awakened from a series of unusually vivid dreams. I was on my back with my cat nestled between my left arm and my side. As I tried to go back to sleep I became aware in my astral body somewhere else. I was lying on my back in a different, larger bed. My cat was not there. My eyes were closed. Suddenly I felt a positive energy descending onto me from above. It felt wonderful. The energy blanketed me and slowly merged with me. It felt indescribably good. I thought my thanks toward who or what was responsible, repeatedly thinking, "It's a perfect fit. Thank you!"

After the merging was complete I felt a rushing motion sensation. I flew upwards and then found myself awake on a carpeted floor. My first thought was that I had been deposited into an alternate reality like Robert Monroe sometimes was, and I would have to live an alternate life here for awhile. I knew I had to quickly find clues and figure out my situation so that I'd be able to blend in without being found out. I saw a folded piece of paper on the floor a few feet away. I saw the word "MAP" on it. As I reached for it I noticed a large piece of paper hanging on the wall on my left. It looked like it had been torn from a meeting's flip chart. There were bold, black words  and several lines of writing, but I couldn't read it. I tried to focus on it, but I lost my lucidity and faded into a dream state.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Brief Projection

July 29, 2002 Monday 1:00 AM

I went to bed early, physically exhausted, stiff, and sore from working outside all day on Saturday. A few minutes after I turned out the light I felt like I was on the end of a bungee cord, describing large arcs like a sideways pendulum, bouncing slightly as I traversed each arc. I felt centrifugal force, speed, rebound, and centrifugal force again. I remained passive in hopes that I would naturally break free and that my sight would begin working. Everything was black. The experience lasted a minute or more before I lost consciousness.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

April 21, 2002 Sunday

On Sunday morning I dreamt that I was angry at a lady friend (with whom I had been corresponding by email in real life). I was angry at her for wasting money on a diamond when she was poor and had trouble paying her bills.

I told my friend about the dream by email. She said she had been mad at her daughter since Friday because her daughter had bought a fake-diamond ring. She told her daughter how stupid it was to spend money on jewelry when she could barely pay her bills.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Spontaneous Projection

April 9, 2002 Tuesday 12:45 AM

I had just turned my light out for the night. I was lying on my stomach and had not yet lost consciousness. Suddenly I was flying sideways through a room filled with stacked boxes. Separation had been extremely smooth with no disorienting sounds or feelings. I knew the boxes were mine. I flew down to the floor, pushed against the floor's resistance, and flew down through the floor. The room I entered was also filled with stacked boxes of my stuff. Again I flew down to the floor, where I found a square opening with a stairway or ladder to the next level down. I flew down through the opening. Then I moved slowly sideways among stacks of boxes. Somehow I knew that the boxes represented the foundations of my psyche -- memories, programs, assumptions, etc.

My path was blocked by a sideways stack of boxes suspended in the air, held there by boxes pressing in from both sides. I wriggled a fairly small box out of the center of the sideways stack of boxes. Nothing fell. I opened the box and looked inside. It contained about five loose items. Two items looked like handheld electrical devices of unknown purpose. They had electrical cords attached. I examined one of the electrical items. I had no idea what it was. It reminded me of an electric engraver my father had when I was a kid, for permanently etching your name into valuable items for identification in case they were stolen and recovered. I put the item back into the box, but then the box wouldn't close. I tried to wedge it in to make the box close. I was unsuccessful. Then I was back in my body in bed. I had never lost consciousness. 

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

March 31, 2002 Sunday

I dreamt I was visiting an old friend who lives in Arizona. The dream was vague, but I remembered three specifics that I related to my friend in an email:  there was concern about his dog eating poison, there was a big concern about drinking water, and at the end we watched something awe-inspiring in the sky. (I didn't know if my friend owned a dog.)

My friend said he took his dog with him to work on his mountain cabin the day before (Saturday). The cabin had been winterized and the water was turned off. He had put antifreeze in the commode and he knew he couldn't let the dog drink it, because it was poisonous. My friend had forgotten to bring water and both he and the dog got very dehydrated. (He was so dehydrated he was sick Saturday night.) He ended the day sitting on a hilltop, smoking a cigar, and watching a spectacular sunset.

Parallels:  my friend has a dog, concern about poisoning the dog, concern about water, and watching something spectacular in the sky.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Prophetic Dream

October 5, 2001 Friday

I dreamt that I was visiting a good friend and his wife in Pennsylvania. My friend's wife saw a bug on my shirt, on my chest, and ushered me outside the house to get rid of it. I looked down at my shirt and saw the bug. It was a leafhopper. I told my friend's wife that it was a harmless leafhopper.

The next day, Saturday, I was walking toward my front door after throwing some trash in the dumpster. A bug flew against my cheek and startled me. It landed on my shirt. I looked down and saw a leafhopper on my chest. It was the same view I had in my dream the day before. I felt a powerful sense of deja vu.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Probable Dream Projection

October 4, 2001 Thursday morning

I became conscious during a flying dream. I was lying on my back flying rapidly parallel to the ground, facing the sky. I watched the dark clouds go by. The air felt cool and refreshing. I slowed down and flew closer to the ground, still facing skyward. I brushed through the tops of dew-covered leaves and fronds of lush vegetation in a wet area. It felt great. I could smell the scent of the plants as I flew, still on my back facing the sky. I saw a house perched in the top of a tall tree. I tried to take control of my flight and fly up to the house. My flying faltered and I woke up.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dream Telepathy

January 19, 2001, Friday

On Friday morning I dreamt that I was at my best friend's house in Pennsylvania. I was standing beside a couch on which over a dozen envelopes were haphazardly strewn. My friend said he had been meaning to put them away, but he hadn't got around to it yet. I asked if he had considered asking his wife to handle them one day while he was at work.

I emailed my friend about the dream. He said he had sorted through a stack of accumulated mail on the previous weekend. He put the envelopes on his desk with the intention of filing them later in the week. He didn't get to it. On Wednesday while he was at work, his wife wanted to use the desk. She picked up the pile of envelopes from the desk and tossed it onto the couch, where the envelopes made an unsightly mess. My friend saw the envelopes spread across the couch on Wednesday night and was frustrated that he didn't have time to file them. I had my dream on Thursday night/Friday morning. My friend finally filed the envelopes that weekend. 

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Possible Dream Projection

October 3, 2001, Wednesday Morning

I became conscious in a dream. I was in a sitting position in the front yard of my old house in Davidson, North Carolina. I was not in a chair. I was simply in a sitting position in the air. Suddenly I moved upwards rapidly. The feeling was extremely exhilarating, like a carnival ride. I watched the ground get farther away and I watched the trees go by. I stopped at the same level as the tops of the tallest oak trees nearby. Then I descended all the way back down to the ground. The experience had been incredible. I was very excited. I wanted to tell somebody about it. Then I realized I had no evidence and no one would believe it had really happened. I woke up.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

September 30, 2001, Sunday Morning

I dreamt I was with an old friend in another country. There was some sort of threat and we had to evacuate the building. The situation was tense.

After I woke up I thought about the dream and my friend, whom I had not communicated with in a long time. I had his email address, but I did not know what country he was in. He moves every few years. I wrote him an email and related the events in my dream. A few hours later I received an email from him. He said he was in Jakarta, Indonesia where anti-American demonstrations were in progress, growing larger and louder. (The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had occurred less than three weeks before, and the US was expected to attack Afghanistan.) My friend's wife had already been evacuated out of the country and he said he would be evacuated later if the situation deteriorated further.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Projection with Experiment

Monday February 26, 2001 about 4:00 AM

I was visiting my family in North Carolina. My day had been long and stressful, filled with social events and overeating at both lunch and supper. I became conscious floating just above a hard floor underneath a bed. I noticed the dust on the floor around me. I also noticed three empty, clear bottles of various sizes standing on the floor under the bed. I decided to perform an experiment. I wanted to see if I could go upward and pass through the bed. I put my hands on the underside of the mattress or box springs and pushed upward. I was not able to break through the surface with my hands. That's all I remember.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Projection with False Awakening

Sunday January 21, 2001 about 4:30 AM

I had felt tired all day Saturday. My right hand and wrist hurt, which had prevented me from doing my daily rowing exercise. I took two Mobigesic tablets for pain and went to bed at 10:30 PM.

I became conscious while feeling the internal movement of projecting. I intentionally separated and floated upward. My first thought was how easy separation had been, when usually I try hard and can't accomplish it. I was floating vertically a few feet above my bed in my old house in Davidson, North Carolina. (I still don't know if my old bedroom is an astral construction, if I time travel to my old bedroom, or if there's some other explanation for frequently finding myself projected in that room.)

I looked around and wondered where to go. Years of repeated suggestion took over and I thought of visiting my friend in Pennsylvania. I felt an instant shift in location, everything went black, and I knew I was in my friend's house. Although everything was still black, I knew I was in my friend's TV room, on his ground floor. I knew my friend and his wife were not in the room. I remembered my friend's wife had been having psychic experiences. I wondered if she would be able to perceive me. I felt a quick shift and knew I was standing in the upstairs hall outside the master bedroom. I was reluctant to enter my friend and his wife's bedroom. I could sense that no one was up in the room. I felt a quick shift and knew I was standing in the basement. I still couldn't see, but I could sense that no one was up in the basement either.

Suddenly I snapped back to my body and sat up in bed. I was in bed in my old bedroom in Davidson (not in South Carolina where my body really was). I immediately began reviewing the projection I had just experienced so I would remember it. I could hear my family upstairs. I heard my brother say "Goodnight" and start coming down the stairs. My door was open. I realized my brother's actions are what had brought me back to my body. My brother came into my room, borrowed a couple of unused VCR tapes from me, and left to go to bed in his own room.

Then I was standing outside at night, on Pine Road in Davidson. I was talking with a good friend from childhood about the projection I had just experienced. I had three wall calendars in my hands. Then there was a blizzard of little white things flying through the air and hitting us. It was not snow or sleet. It seemed like rice. I looked at my friend and said, "Is it rice?"

Then I woke up in my real bed in Anderson, South Carolina. I didn't feel like trying to go back to sleep, so I got up and checked my email. One email was from my old friend Jim Brown, who said he was going to Idaho for his son's wedding. I immediately remembered the rice that was hitting me in my dream a few minutes before. Friends throw rice at the bride and groom at weddings. I also realized that the biggest, most memorable event Jim Brown and I shared had occurred on Pine Road in Davidson. It seemed Jim's thoughts of me in telling me about the wedding, brought Pine Road and flying rice into my dream.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney

Dream Projection

June 14, 2000

I didn't feel good, meditated from noon until 12:30, and went to bed instead of eating lunch. I lay down on my stomach and put the pillow over my head.

A few moments later I found myself standing in the carport of my childhood home in Davidson, North Carolina (which my parents had recently sold). It was daytime. I watched a wasp flying around exploring the carport. The door from the carport into the house was open about an inch. The wasp discovered the opening.

Suddenly I felt like I was astrally projected and I wanted to fly. I walked out into the driveway and willed myself to go up. I quickly floated up to about fifty feet off the ground. I looked down at the front yard and the street. The exhilaration of flying changed my mental state and I sank back down to the ground. I made a conscious effort to control my emotions and fly again. It worked. I quickly floated up to my former altitude. I thought about where to go. I decided I wanted to visit my parents (who were vacationing in Canada by train). Instantly I felt like I was rapidly moving through blackness. After several seconds I could hear the clicking of train wheels. The experience ended abruptly and I was conscious back in bed with my pillow over my head.

Copyright 2010 Jon Maloney