Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream Projection

March 1, 2000

In a dream I was having trouble getting a lamp to turn on. I had recently replaced the bulb in the lamp so I didn't understand why it wouldn't turn on. Then I remembered my mental cue to recognizing when I'm dreaming, is when a light that should work, doesn't. I knew that meant I was dreaming. I knew I could astral travel from the dream and fly around if I wanted to. So I walked over to the second-floor window and stepped through it into the air. I tried to fly away, but instead of flying, I slowly drifted down to the ground. I repeatedly jumped into the air trying to fly, but each time I drifted back down. I never achieved lucidity, even after deducing that I was dreaming.

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Saw Cat's Astral Body

February 19, 2000

Twice while meditating in a chair in my living room, I have seen my cat, Charlie, walking around my feet. Both times Charlie was really sleeping on the nearby couch. Today I had the most dramatic sighting of Charlie's astral body yet, which prompted this journal entry.

I was sleeping late on a Saturday morning. I was lying on my back with my left arm on top of the covers. Charlie was nestled between my upper arm and my side. At one point I woke slightly because Charlie was moving. I opened my eyes and saw that he had moved his head down close to my hand. I moved my left hand a little to stroke Charlie's neck and chin. I was startled when my hand went right through Charlie's neck and hit the covers. The Charlie that I had tried to pet had disappeared. The physical Charlie was still nestled in the crook of my arm and had not moved.

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Psychically Assisted Death

February 2, 2000

In the late nineties I had a woman-seeking page on the Internet. I told about myself on the page and I described the sort of mate I was seeking. It was mostly an experiment to try to find a good match without going through the awkward and inefficient process of dating people with whom I had no compatibility. The page was up for two years or so and generated several interesting correspondences.

One such correspondent was a lady in Miami, Florida. In her second letter to me (Tuesday, February 1, 2000), the lady told me she was caring for her sick mother at home. She said her mother was dying of cancer. She said her mother's mind was gone and it would be a relief when she died.

I wrote her a response the same day (February 1), in which I offered to meditate for her mother's smooth passage into the afterlife. As I proofread my letter I realized the offer was way too far-out and presumptuous, so I deleted that paragraph from the letter. However, around midnight I meditated with the purpose of trying to help the mother make a smooth transition from this dimension into the next. I figured if the mother's mind was gone, she was severely ill, she was a burden on her daughter, and she had terminal cancer, there was no reason not to try to help her die. In a sense it felt like the daughter had reached out to me for help, so I should attempt to help if I could.

The next night (Wednesday, February 2) I received an email from the lady in Miami. She told me her mother had died that morning. She didn't say a time, and I didn't ask.

The news shook me up for awhile. Of course my meditation and the timing of the mother's death could have been a random coincidence, but I felt like my actions had influenced her death. I couldn't help but wonder if my efforts had played a part in the death, and if so, had I done the right thing? I came to the same conclusion I had before meditating. Trying to help the mother die seemed appropriate.

The only other time I had meditated to help someone die had resulted in a similarly coincidental death. I wasn't convinced my actions had directly affected either death, but it did seem possible. Years later I meditated a third time to help someone die, with the same quick outcome. I'll post that account too when I get to it in my journal.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dream of Dead Friend

August 9, 1999

This is shortened account of a very long, detailed dream.

I was waiting in line somewhere when a good friend of mine who had died less than a year ago walked up beside me. I knew he was dead. We walked away talking. I thanked him for coming to visit me. We walked up Hillside Drive, the street I grew up on in Davidson, North Carolina. My friend pointed at the house next door to my old house and said, "That's where he lived", meaning himself (which was not true in the physical world). Then he explained his remark saying that after you die you no longer consider your physical body yourself, which is why he had referred to his physical body as "he".

My parents' cat, Charlie, was in the front yard of my old house. My friend picked Charlie up and petted him a moment, and then dropped him roughly. I told my friend I thought it was neat that he could interact with the physical world like that (when in fact he was interacting with the dream world). He said it was very difficult and he could not do it for long.

My friend began having trouble communicating. He chose incorrect words and mispronounced words. He asked the correct way to wear an east Indian robe a long time ago. He wanted to know what "Hermann Hest" would have looked like wearing one. I asked if he meant "Hermann Hesse" the German author of Siddhartha. My friend said that's who he had meant.

We went into my old house and downstairs to my room. I took a fishing tackle box off of a shelf and told my friend I wanted to show him something I had found recently. I pulled out a rubber minnow with no hooks and tossed it to my friend. My toss startled him. He cupped his hands to catch the minnow but it went right through his hands and landed on the floor. He smiled and shrugged as if he meant, "What can I say?"

Then we walked down a very old roadbed in the woods. Horses, wagons, and erosion had made the trail about four feet lower than the surrounding ground level. My friend reached into a hole in the dirt wall of the roadbed, and pulled out a big wad of old currency (bills). I could see how old the money looked. Some of the denominations weren't modern. I looked at an old shack near the road. When I looked back at my friend the money was lying in the trail at his feet. He had not been able to continue holding it. He thanked me for all I had done for him. Then my friend dropped a box onto the ground beside the old money. I looked inside. It contained stacks and stacks of contemporary currency. I knew that the value of that money, plus the old money, would be enough for me to live on the rest of my life. My friend said he had owed me money, but he had died before paying me back. The old money was for his debt, plus interest. He said he was no longer able to comprehend our view of time. He hoped the money was enough. I told him the money was far too much. He explained that he couldn't use it, I had helped him a great deal both before and after his death, and he wanted me to have the money with his thanks. I thanked my friend for the money. Two hikers approached on the trail, so I dropped my coat over the money to hide it. The hikers passed. Then I picked up all the money and stuffed it back into the hole.

A good friend (living) walked up as I hid the money. I asked him not to touch the money and he said he wouldn't. He said he had come for our class. My dead friend told us that he was allowed to teach us every morning until we broke the rules. When we broke the rules than he wouldn't be able to teach us anymore. My living friend was extremely eager to participate, which is why he had arrived early. My dead friend began our class. He began drawing a picture, a very good picture. It looked like a full-color painting of a haunted house in the woods. There were two ghosts flying out of the windows. The first ghost looked like Casper. I started laughing and said, "You're going to teach us about Casper the Ghost?" My dead friend smiled and said to bear with him. He said he was going to have to cover several preliminaries before teaching us about ghosts and dead people. He said he could do this class every morning with us for a long time. I thought about how awkward it would be for me to tell people I had to sleep late for class. I realized if I was investigated for spending the money my friend gave to me, if I told the truth, then I would be ridiculed, jailed, or hospitalized... maybe all three. I woke up and recorded the dream.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magical Fight with Demons

Sunday May 2, 1999

Some dreams have a powerful magic feel to them. The feeling of magic lingers after waking. This was one of those dreams.

I was driving slowly down a rutted dirt road, alone. I felt a strong sense of apprehension and dread. I knew I would soon have to park and walk the rest of the way. I had once been familiar with the area from hiking, but I had not been here for many years. It felt like one of the roads along the Coleman River in northeastern Georgia. The road paralleled a river along which there were frequent primitive camping areas.

I came to the place where I had to park. There was another car there, but no activity. My sense of nearby evil increased. I got out of the car and walked down the trail that led to the campsites by the river. I came to a dead black man lying on his back across the trail. His shirt was torn and his clothing was soaked in blood. Something had been eating the man. A few paces later there were two more dead black people, also bloody and partially eaten. I came to the edge of a hill overlooking a flat area by the river. I saw many more dead bodies around the campsites. Several bodies had small evil beings, demons, crouching over them, eating. One body was still intact and clothed, but its skull was bare. A demon had eaten the person's face off.

As I surveyed the scene I knew the leader of the demons was an evil being whom I had encountered many times over the eons. I scanned for him and saw him dart behind a boulder on the far side of the camping area. The lesser demons had seen me now and were staring at me in fury. They made unintelligible noises of hatred.

I knew I must act quickly before they prepared a defense. I concentrated on flying forward and upward into an acceptable attack position. I didn't know if I would be able to fly. The air felt thick and heavy. Slowly I drifted up above the demons, feeling the power of good well up within me. When I was in position and my power was at its peak, I unleashed my energy. Blue-white bolts of energy shot from me like laser beams -- one bolt at each demon. All the demons within sight were instantly destroyed. I began drifting down toward the ground as I felt my power wane. The leader of the demons flew into the air from behind the boulder. He looked like a dense, black, man-sized cloud, with an occasional glimmering skeleton visible within. He reminded me of my mental image of a balrog, from The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. He cursed at me and laughed. He said we would meet again and next time I would not prevail so easily. Then he flew away into the distance.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Astral Helpers

Thursday February 25, 1999

I read Soul Traveler by Albert Taylor before turning out the light. (See Taylor, Albert Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond New York: Dutton, 1998.) I read several of Taylor's experiences, including some that involved astral helpers. I went to sleep thinking about astral helpers and how I would like to meet one.

In a dream I was standing outside at night. I was looking at woods on my right about fifty yards away. There was a bright circle of light moving from left to right along the trees, like a spotlight. I wondered where the light was coming from.

Suddenly my perception shifted to my body in bed. I was lying on my back. I felt a hand grab my right arm just above the elbow. The grasp was gentle, but firm. I felt another hand grab my left arm. The hands lifted my astral body up and out of my physical body. I heard a loud rushing sound, like wind, during the upward motion. I remained passive, but tried to project the thought, "Thank you! Thank you!" to the entity that was lifting me. I was floating above my body and parallel to it. The hands turned me 180 degrees so that my astral head was over my physical feet. Then the experience ended and I was awake back in my physical body.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Flying Between Energy Planes

Thursday February 4, 1999

This is just one brief scene I remembered from a dream projection. I remembered the scene because the views and feelings I experienced were so overwhelming.

I was flying rapidly through a black void between two, nearly-invisible planes of energy. One energy plane was above me, one below. Whenever I ran into one of the planes I bounced off and saw beautiful swirls of blue energy emanating out into the plane from my point of impact. The beauty of the energy fields was one of the most awe-inspiring scenes I have ever witnessed.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spirit Communication

Friday January 1, 1999 about 3:00 AM

Before turning out the light I read the book Projections of the Consciousness by Waldo Vieira. (See Vieira, Waldo Projections of the Consciousness: A Diary of Out-of-Body Experiences Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology, 1997.) A good friend of mine had died a few hours before, at about 5:00 PM on December 31. I had meditated on my friend's behalf several times during the previous week and earlier that evening. In Projections of the Consciousness, spirits communicated with the author as he slept. They awakened him directly following the communication so the knowledge would be fresh in the author's mind and he could record it. I requested spirits to communicate with me in the same fashion. I breathed deeply, performed progressive muscular relaxation, and asked the spirits to help my friend in his transition.

I awakened abruptly at 3:00 AM with a spirit communication fresh in my mind. I realized the spirit had done exactly as I had asked. I expressed my gratitude to the spirit as I reached for my tape recorder to record the information.

The spirit said that a group of spirits was awaiting my friend's spirit when his physical body died. His spirit was disoriented for awhile, but the other spirits helped him. Under the group's assistance his spirit stabilized quickly. He accepted his new condition and was adapting rapidly. He was doing well. Continued progress in his new phase of existence seemed certain. The spirit decided to convey this information to me because of my repeated requests on my friend's behalf. I asked the spirit if I could say "Goodbye" to my friend. The spirit said, "You already have."

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Assisted Projection by Strange Being

Wednesday December 9, 1998 about 1:43 AM

When I came to this entry in my journal I was amazed that I had forgotten such an unusual experience.

Before turning out the light I read in the book Projections of the Consciousness by Waldo Vieira. (See Vieira, Waldo Projections of the Consciousness: A Diary of Out-of-Body Experiences Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology, 1997.) I wanted to have an astral projection experience, but I was restless and had trouble relaxing. I performed three cycles of deep breathing and progressive muscular relaxation. I also requested assistance to have an astral experience. I last looked at the clock at 1:38. I think The following event occurred less than five minutes later.

I was being lifted towards the ceiling, in an upright, vertical position. There was a being behind me with its arms extended straight out in front of me on both sides, directly beneath my own arms which were extended straight out in front (in the classic sleepwalking stance). The arms beneath mine were extremely narrow and non-human. The tiny hands were holding my forearms. We rose jerkily and noisily. I was conscious, but not thinking clearly. I was afraid I was going to sleepwalk across my bedside table and awaken the lady next door. We begin spinning and thrashing unstably. As we neared the ceiling I became more lucid. I realized the situation -- that I was being helped to project by the being behind me who had lifted me out in response to my assistance request.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude. I gently clasped the tiny hand that was holding onto my left forearm. I lifted the hand to my mouth and kissed it in gratitude. The hand was light, spidery, and not human. The being jerked its hand back. I reached across the front of my body with my left hand, grabbed the being's right wrist from my right forearm, and with a quick jerk I whipped the being around in front of me so that I could see it. We were floating there, face to face, with me holding both of its arms. The being was strange and cartoon-like. It was the same color of pink as Bazooka Bubblegum. It's body and head were the shape of a tennis racket, and slightly larger, with the body being the handle and the face of the racket analogous to the being's face. It reminded me of Gumby, the Claymation character. The two arms that I was holding were long, thin, and colorless. I wasn't trying to hurt it. I just wanted to see it and meet it.

The being started struggling frantically, but I held it secure. Then a long, thin whip-like trunk or nose appeared in the middle of the being's face. The nose started whipping me on my face, neck, and shoulders. It didn't hurt, but it was distracting and annoying. It reminded me of a live electrical wire or a high-pressure hose that whipped back and forth out of control. We were still vertical, in the air. We began spinning and I felt like I was getting tangled in ropes, wires, or octopus arms. I released the being and was instantly standing on the floor alone between the bed and the doorway.

Although the room was mine, there were many differences. There was clutter everywhere -- broken items, lamps, wires, furniture, and more. It was very dark. I turned the switch of a free-standing lamp on my left, but no light came on. I inspected the lamp and saw the bulb was missing. There was another, shorter lamp nearby. I turned its switch, but nothing happened. Then I walked over to the door and flipped the wall switch. No light came on. Then I realized the cigarette in my right hand had burned too short. (I had not smoked since 1985.) I dropped the cigarette onto the floor and stepped on it. Then I felt something burning the fingers on my left hand. I looked and saw it was another cigarette that had burned too short. I mentally scolded myself for smoking two cigarettes at the same time.

Then I was awake in bed in the same position I had been in a few minutes before. The time was 1:59. I realized I had again failed to recognize my lucidity cue of turning on a light that doesn't work, not once, but three times. I remembered something that may be relevant. In 1984 a good friend had offered to come to me astrally, help me project, and give me a tour of the astral world. I asked him how I would recognize him. He said he would have a very long nose. In 1985 that same friend used hypnotism and NLP to help me stop smoking cigarettes. During my progressive muscular relaxation I had briefly found myself thinking of my friend. The being's long nose, the fact that suddenly I was smoking two cigarettes, and the fact that I thought of my friend as I tried to project, make me wonder if the being was my friend from the eighties.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Precognition of Dinner Problem

Saturday November 21, 1998

My best friend and I were going hiking in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, North Carolina. After each hike there we enjoyed a good, late dinner in Brevard. We looked forward to having big, hot, leisurely meals when we were tired after hiking. We always ate at one of three restaurants that stayed open fairly late -- Pizza Hut, Western Sizzler, or Shoney's. We hated the occasions when we were forced to eat at fast-food hamburger joints after hikes.

Early Saturday morning I had the powerful feeling that there would be a problem associated with dinner that night. As we drove through Brevard on the way to the trail, we saw that the Pizza Hut building was closed, vacant, and its sign was gone. I remembered my intuition and started feeling apprehensive. When we passed where the Western Sizzler had been we saw that it was now a place called "The Sagebrush Saloon". Then we came to Shoney's and saw that it had gone out of business too. All three of our regular restaurants were gone!

Later, we discovered Pizza Hut had moved closer to the trails, so we ate at the new Pizza Hut after the hike. Even though dinner did not turn out to be a problem, the precognition was related to the bad feelings I had when I thought we would have nowhere to eat. Most of my precognitive experiences are based on my future negative feelings rather than on actual events.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Dream Projection with Flight

Saturday May 9, 1998

This is a good, brief example of how the critical, analytical mind doesn't function properly during projections.

I projected in a dream and flew straight up into the air above my house. I loved the feeling of flying around over my home and seeing the neighborhood from above. Suddenly one of my neighbors saw me flying overhead. My emotional reaction ended the experience. I was bothered that the neighbor would gossip about me flying around the neighborhood at night.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Assisted Death

Friday January 2, 1998

I had a penfriend in Australia with whom I felt quite close. I had never met her in person, but we had regularly exchanged lengthy letters, photographs, stamps, and small gifts for years. In April 1997 she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Her health deteriorated during the rest of 1997. In late 1997 I went to a Hallmark shop and bought about thirty cards for my penfriend. I mailed several cards a week in hopes of helping my friend keep her spirits up. Her partner told me my penfriend loved the cards and became excited when each card arrived.

On December 30, 1997 I received a letter from my penfriend's partner. She said my penfriend had gotten worse and was back in the hospital. She said my penfriend was psychologically and emotionally at peace and ready to die, but that her body was still strong and might continue fighting for quite a while.

Physical death is a tricky business. There are considerations regarding the dying person's state of mind, the readiness of loved ones, the readiness of legal affairs, the possible benefits to the soul of learning from the process, possible karma that is being balanced, and more. For those reasons I am reluctant to interfere in the process. In this case though, all I knew for sure was that my penfriend was suffering terribly, physically, and that if I could do anything to help alleviate that suffering I should.

On Friday night January 2, 1998 I had a long meditation session in which I envisioned a peaceful death for my penfriend. I envisioned helping her make a smooth transition into the afterlife. I appealed to my alternate spirit selves, the cluster consisting of all my present and past pesonalities. (See Monroe, Robert. Ultimate Journey New York: Doubleday, 1994.) My penfriend died on Sunday, Australian time, about 31 hours after I completed my meditation. She had been ill for eight months and had been hospitalized for about two weeks.

I logged these events into my psychic journal for the record, but I was not convinced my efforts had played any part in helping my penfriend die. It was clear she was going to die soon. The only uncertainty was when.

I changed my mind about this event years later though, when twice more I meditated to help people die, and both times the people died very soon after my meditation. I figured one time could just be coincidence, but three out of three seemed to imply a cause-and-effect relationship.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Monday, June 01, 2009

Precognitive Dream

Saturday January 10, 1998

This dream occurred on December 15, 1996, but it wasn't until it came true that I recognized its psychic nature. I dreamt that my Australian penfriend was sitting in a wheelchair beside a large body of water. She was very forlorn, very sad. She just sat there in the twilight, staring out at the black water. I told her about the dream in a letter. She thought it foresaw her depression due to her beloved dog's unexpected death the following month, in January 1997.

On April 21, 1997 my penfriend had a stroke caused by an inoperable brain tumor. Her doctors did everything they could for her at the hospital and then sent her home where her partner took care of her. She and her partner walked on the beach together every morning and every evening. My penfriend's condition deteriorated and soon she was confined to a wheelchair. Her partner would roll her down to the beach where my penfriend would sit and stare at the ocean. The scene from my dream of December 15, 1996 was repeated in real life many times in late 1997.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Intentional OBE with Experimentation

Saturday December 20, 1997

I went to bed with the intention of projecting. I lay on my back, breathed deeply, performed two cycles of progressive muscular relaxation, visualized breathing in energy and exhaling stress, and performed numerous visualizations related to projecting. After about an hour and twenty minutes I felt like I was conscious in my astral body, but my astral body still coincided with my physical body. I felt like the shift in consciousness had been successful. All that remained was to go somewhere.

I sat up in bed, threw my legs over the left side and onto the floor, and stood up. I became confused for a moment wondering if I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Then I remembered I had been under the covers yet I had not moved the covers to get out of bed. I realized my projection attempt had worked and I was astrally projected beside my bed. I remembered Sylvan Muldoon's descriptions of being pulled back into his body by the silver cord whenever he stayed too close to his physical body. (Muldoon, Slyvan and Carrington, Hereward. The Projection of the Astral BodyLondon: Rider, 1929.)

I walked away from the bed to the far left corner of the room. I turned around and tried to stabilize my state. I could feel my labored breathing. I surveyed the room. Everything was as it should be. I was in the guest room at my parents' house in North Carolina, where I was visiting for the Christmas holidays. (In reality I was still at home in South Carolina. I had not gone to North Carolina yet.) I looked around the room, especially noticing the two antique wooden beds from the Philippines. I remembered having trouble seeing my physical body during previous projections, so I consciously focused on the bed I sleep in. There I was, lying on my back, in the right position and wearing the right clothing, except I knew my body should be under the covers. I turned and looked at the wall. I considered walking through it into the backyard. Instead, I reached up and put my hand against the wall. I remembered wanting to investigate the astral cord if I ever got the chance. Now was the time.

I reached behind my head with my right hand and moved my hand up and down feeling for a cord. There wasn't one. I moved my hand and arm up and down behind my back. There was no cord there either. I realized I didn't want to wonder later if I had somehow missed it. I wanted to be certain. I turned so that I was facing my body across the room. I intently examined the air between my astral body and my physical body. I saw no cord. Then I jumped a couple of feet into the air and watched to see if there was anything moving between my bodies. The jump occurred in slow motion. I moved up a couple of feet, floated briefly, and then slowly sank back to the floor. I saw no cord. I convinced myself that no cord was present.

I decided to walk over and examine my physical body. As I approached the bed I was surprised to see a second body lying on the floor under the bed. (The beds are high, four-poster beds, requiring bed steps to comfortably get in and out.) The body on the floor looked like mine -- same position, same clothing. I remembered reading that we have several astral bodies and each finer body can project from each coarser body. I wondered about multiple astral bodies, false awakenings, and other complexities. I wondered what would happen if I tried to project again from the astral body holding my consciousness.

I wanted to examine the two bodies more closely. I walked over and stared at my body on top of the bed. Then I leaned over and looked at the body on the floor. It was my brother! I wondered if he was projected too, but unconscious. I didn't like my brother being there. I reached down, grabbed him, and helped him stand up between the two beds. I telepathically asked him what he was doing there. Instantly the experience ended and I was wide awake in bed at my home. I think the projection had lasted for several minutes.

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