Sunday, May 31, 2009

Precognition or Psychokinesis?

Sunday November 30, 1997

I was about two minutes into my evening shower when I found myself imagining what it would be like to try to shower in the dark if my bathroom light went out. My bathroom has no windows. I wondered why I was imagining such a thing, because I had only replaced the long fluorescent bulb over the sinks once since 1983. The first bulb had lasted ten years after I moved in, and it may have been several years old when I moved in. The new bulb was only about four years old. Then I imagined the light going out due to some reason other than a burned-out bulb. I forced myself to stop such a seemingly-pointless train of thought. I began thinking about something else. Then the light went out! After a moment of adjustment I could barely see from some reflected light coming into the bathroom down the hall from the bedroom. I finished my shower in near blackness.

I couldn't tell if I precognitively knew the light would go out or if I psychokinetically made the light go out by imagining the light going out.

Later, I tried to fix the light. I unplugged the long fluorescent bulb, wiggled the fixture, sprayed WD-40 into the two bulb sockets, and plugged the bulb back in. It worked.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Astral Travelling via Energy Layers

Sunday August 10, 1997

I had taken ibuprofen due to a two-day headache a few hours before. I took 3 mg of melatonin before going to bed. My Australian penfriend was fighting a brain tumor. I had received a post card from her a few days before requesting positive visualizations. I lay on my back, practiced deep breathing for a few minutes, performed some progressive muscular relaxation, and visualized going to Australia to help my friend.

I felt my astral body separating. Next I was moving rapidly through blackness in which there were visible planes of energy, like layers. The planes were not colorful, but differentiated by texture, granularity, or wavelength. Some layers looked coarse; others looked fine. I flew quickly, shifting from plane to plane as I moved. With each shift to a new layer my motion felt different and the energy around me felt different. I was surprised at how long the flight lasted, perhaps as long as a minute. Suddenly I stopped. I was hovering near the ceiling of a room brightly lit with natural light. There were no people in the room. I noticed how tidy and uncluttered the room was. I saw a kitchen, a counter or bar between the kitchen and the rest of the room, an L-shaped desk, and a chair at the desk. There was a computer on the desk. I studied the desk area briefly.

Suddenly I was flying through blackness following the energy planes again. I wondered if the room I had seen was in Australia. I tried to actively take control of my flight by visualizing my penfriend's house. The instant I tried to take control I found myself flying along about a hundred feet above ice and water. There were very large chunks of ice floating in the black water. I could see icy cliffs and ice slides in progress. I began losing altitude (which always happens when I'm flying and pay attention to what's on the surface beneath me). I tried to will myself to Australia, then I tried to visualize the shifting energy planes again. I couldn't stop my descent. Soon I plunged into the black water between two slabs of ice. The experience ended. I looked at the clock and saw thirty minutes had passed since I had last looked at the clock.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Same Dream as Coworker's Daughter

Monday March 31, 1997

Between 4:00 and 6:00 on Monday morning I had a long, disturbing dream. A lady coworker of mine had died unexpectedly a few hours before. My feeling of loss was intense, and lasted for a couple of hours after I awoke.

I told the lady my dream at work later that day. She was amazed. She said her twelve year old daughter tried to keep her from going to work that morning. Her daughter was scared and didn't want her to leave. My friend said her daughter had stopped her and said, "Mama, I'm scared. I dreamed you and I died last night. Then they brought me back to life, but you were still dead."

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Astrally Tricked & Attacked

Saturday March 8, 1997

I had just completed a hard, exhausting week. I was lying on my back in bed with my hands clasped loosely on my chest. I suddenly felt an unmistakable presence in front of me (above me). I felt two hands grasp my own, gently, as if someone were in front of me holding my right hand with his left hand and my left hand with his right hand. Although I felt apprehensive, I intentionally remained passive. I consciously decided to flow with whatever was going to happen.

I felt the warmth and pressure of each of the stranger's hands. Then I felt love and comfort emanating from the being in front of me. Slowly, the hands lifted my hands and split them apart, lifting my arms to the sides away from my chest. As soon as my chest was exposed the hands violently jabbed at my chest, pressing hard around my breastbone and stabbing the hard fingers between my ribs. It was malevolent. I realized I had been tricked. Although the continued attack was uncomfortable, I remained passive and wondered if people who die of heart attacks in their sleep are really killed by attacks from other-dimensional beings. I felt like the entity was trying to get inside my chest, or take something out of my chest. At some point the discomfort of the attack became too uncomfortable to bear. I tried to bring my hands back onto my chest to shield it. As soon as I tried to move my arms the experience ended. I no longer sensed the other being, nor did I feel pressure on my chest. My physical hands and arms had never moved. My physical hands were still loosely clasped on my chest.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Dreamed Coworker's Thoughts

Wednesday February 12, 1997

I dreamt that I was at a female coworker's house where she showed me a tree growing inside. It contained several bird nests. Each bird used the same nest every year. Then she set up a card table. She was concerned that it be set up before someone arrived. She knelt on the floor rearranging some items. Then she turned on a lamp on the floor. She thought the lamp was ugly. That's all I remember.

At work later that day I shared my dream with the lady I had dreamt about. She said that she had read an article the day before, about an owl who had taken over an osprey's nest. Osprey's use the same nest every year. It was time for the osprey to lay, and the owl was in the way. She liked the article and kept it for her husband to read. Then she had her dining room table, and her bedside table, taken away to be refinished. Her husband doesn't like changes. They eat at the dining room table, so she set up a card table in their dining room, making sure it was set up before her husband got home. The contents of the bedside table were stacked on the floor beside the bed. She knelt to organize the stuff and to position her bedside lamps on the floor. She noticed how ugly the lamps were and told her husband she would replace them.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bizarre Coincidence & Precognition

Saturday January 25, 1997

I dreamt I was visiting a female penfriend of mine in Australia. I asked her to take me to the house of the dead. She took me to a building that seemed like a tavern frequented by dead people. I recognized a girl there as another Australian penfriend of mine, but I couldn't think of her name. She looked at me and said, "Martin". I remembered her first name was "Lucinda".

I don't know anyone named "Lucinda Martin".

I woke up and sat in bed to gather my wits before getting up. My telephone rang. I answered, "Hello". The man on the other end stammered a moment, obviously not recognizing my voice. Then he said, "Is this the Martin residence?" I said, "No, it's not." The man apologized and hung up. Just a few minutes before the telephone call a dead girl in my dream looked at me and said, "Martin". What are the odds?

I related the dream in a letter to my penfriend the same day that I had the dream. A few days after I mailed my letter, my penfriend's dog had a stroke. The dog died two days before my penfriend received my letter. My penfriend was devastated. The dog's name was "Sindha", pronounced just like "Cinda" in the name "Lucinda". In my dream my penfriend had taken me to the house of the dead where I met a girl named "Lucinda". When my penfriend read my dream in the letter she instantly connected the Lucinda in the house of the dead with her dog Sindha, and cried over my letter for her dog.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Amazing Coincidence

May 19, 1996

In the late eighties (1988 I think) I created a bookselling business without telling my friends or family. I opened a business bank account, got checks, bought a business license, and rented a post office box. The name of the business was "The American Dream".

Around 1993 my brother's wife began working for a company part time from her home. In 1996 I discovered the name of the company she worked for was "American Dream".

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy with Coworker

Friday April 19, 1996

Shortly before getting up to go to work I dreamt I was at a female coworker's house. She couldn't find her young son. We looked for him and found him hiding. He had been hiding because he was afraid. We brought him out into the main part of the house and consoled him. Then my coworker laughed as she walked into the next room. That's all I remember.

Later that day at work I related my dream to the female who had been in the dream. She said while her family was getting ready for the day that morning, her son had been frightened by a loud thunderclap. He asked her if there was any place in the house where he could hide from thunder. She consoled him and then walked into the next room laughing about the idea of hiding from thunder.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Friday, May 29, 2009

Father-Son Telepathy

Tuesday February 6, 1996

For Christmas 1995 I had given my father a gift certificate for a massage. The gift certificate would expire at the end of February. On February 6 I wrote an email to my parents. In the email I told my father to be sure and use the gift certificate before the end of February. When I dialed up my Internet provider to send the message, I received an email from my father telling me he had gotten the massage that morning.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Astral Kidnapping into the Past

Sunday January 28, 1996

Usually my astral projections begin with a feeling of motion that becomes stronger. This time I felt like I was hurtled downward rapidly through blackness. A man's face appeared in the upper right of the blackness I was perceiving. The man was yelling at me in anger, but I heard nothing. I was unaffected by his anger. Although I felt like I was travelling at a great rate of speed, my perception seemed to be the inside of a black box. The angry man's face disappeared and I began seeing images on the black wall in front of me. The images moved past, from bottom to top, as if I were in an elevator going down rapidly and seeing each floor that I went by through a window. Most of the images were surreal landscapes. Somehow I knew that each image represented a different time in the past. The only specific image I recall was a moonlit plain with pyramids on it. The pale light had a blue hue. Throughout the rapid descent I could feel powerful hands gripping my arms and neck from behind. It was uncomfortable, but I was not afraid. I briefly attempted to break the grasp at one point, unsuccessfully. I realized that struggling would end the projection, so I decided to relax and flow with it. Suddenly the scene changes stopped, I began moving sideways, and I lost consciousness.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Projection during OBE, twice!

Thursday November 16, 1995

I went to bed in South Carolina and awoke lying on my stomach in bed in my old bedroom in Davidson, North Carolina. My parents still live in that house, with four cats. I waked up enough to see where I was and tried to go back to sleep, while I was out of body in Davidson. I felt myself exiting my body. I floated up and became entangled in what felt like a rope around my neck. I twisted around in the air to unwind the rope and I was free. (I had experienced this entanglement with the astral cord before, especially when projecting while lying on my stomach.)

I tried to turn on the bedside lamp. I turned the switch and nothing happened. Trying to turn on a light that doesn't come on is my lucidity cue, but I failed to recognize it. Suddenly I was back in my body in bed in Davidson trying to go to sleep again.

I floated up out of my body again, and was again entangled in the silver cord around my neck. I twisted in the air to unwrap the cord. I floated over to the light switch on the wall beside the bedroom door. I flipped the switch, but no light came on. Again I failed to recognize the lucidity cue.

I walked from my bedroom into the downstairs hallway. The hallway has a stairway leading upstairs and five doors -- bathroom, playroom, closet, guest room, and my father's study (which used to be my bedroom, the room I had just been in). As I walked into the hallway I startled my parents' most timid cat, Hogan, who looked at me and fled up the stairs. I stood in the center of the dark hall and heard a sound I instantly recognized. It was the sound the biggest cat, Charlie, made whenever he wanted to get through a closed door. It was a rapid, digging sound Charlie would make at the base of a closed door. My first thought was that Charlie had gotten himself closed in the guest room, bathroom, or closet, and had summoned me for help. Then I realized perhaps he sensed my presence and was trying to get into the guest room to see if I was in there. On my visits I stay in the guest room.

Then I awoke in my real bed in South Carolina. My mother told me later that she did not think Charlie was trapped in any room off the hallway during my projection.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Projection with Experimentation

Friday September 29, 1995

As I brushed my teeth before bed Friday night, I thought about how I had not had an astral projection experience for awhile and that it was time I had another experience. Then I went to bed. A few minutes after turning out my light I felt dizzy and then like I was spinning. Next, I was standing in my childhood bedroom in Davidson, North Carolina. The room was not the same as it was when I grew up in it, nor did it match the room's current look. I had both arms outstretched in front of me with my palms facing forward. I studied the backs of my hands and fingers. I experimented. I wiggled my fingers and then made my fingers grow as I wiggled them. Soon, each finger was about a foot long. I was playing with my astral body and it was humorous.

I walked around the room's perimeter. I stopped in front of a rectangular mirror on the wall. It was about head high. I was amazed by the three-dimensional depth and clarity of the images in the mirror. I examined the images of all the things in the room behind me, rather than my own reflection. I lost lucidity. My memory of the event ends there.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Telepathy During Conversation

Saturday August 19, 1995

After hiking together on Saturday, a friend and I ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We each opened our fortune cookies and read our positive fortunes aloud. Then we had the following interchange.

Friend: I wonder if they ever give bad fortunes?

Me: You mean like, "You will die?"

Friend: "Your spouse is having an affair."

Me: "A girl named Jennifer will change your life tomorrow."

Friend: What made you say that?

Me: I don't know. It didn't even fit, did it?

My friend had a blind date with a girl named "Jennifer" planned for the next day. He had not mentioned the girl or the date to me. He was apprehensive about it because he had answered an ad in the newspaper's personals column and he didn't know what to expect. Both the name and day in my spontaneous statement were correct.

Copyright 2009 Jon Maloney

Dream Similar to Friend's Article

Thursday June 29, 1995

Wednesday night my best friend read a magazine article he wanted to share with me. He put it in his briefcase to show me at work the next day.

Early Thursday morning I dreamt of three macho, brawny, beer drinkers who dared people to sit in a certain chair. When someone sat in the chair, some sort of trap was triggered that killed him. After someone was killed, the drinkers would join arms and begin singing loud, jovial, barroom songs together.

When I related the bizarre dream to my friend at work on Thursday, he fetched the article from his briefcase. The article related an account of four macho drinkers. One stuck his hand out and dared another to cut it off. The other man partially severed the hand at the wrist with a knife. Then the guy with the knife put his head on a chopping block and dared the guy with the wounded wrist to cut off his head. The guy got a nearby axe and complied, cutting off his friend's head. Then the three remaining men began singing, "Roll the Head of the Giant". The singing awakened neighbors who called the police.

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