Monday, August 25, 2008

One of My Longer Projections

Sunday, June 25, 1995

I was lying relaxed in bed after a partial night's sleep. I felt like my astral body was crooked in relation to my physical body. I realized I often feel like that and automatically straighten myself. It's sort of like the way you automatically refocus your eyes when you want to see a stereogram and your eyes start to drift out of focus. This time I caught myself before realigning my body and decided to use the crookedness to try to project. There was a very quick, painless, motion feeling and I was out. I felt like for decades I had made projecting hard when it's really very easy. I was in blackness, which happens frequently. Often whatever I do to try to get past this point results in ending the experience. This time I tried the obvious. I tried to open my eyes. It worked! I could see.

I was floating vertically in my childhood bedroom. I realized that my old bedroom is a stable astral-world creation I have subconsciously created. It's not a misinterpretation of my current bedroom, it's not a dream, and it's not the current state of the bedroom. (Robert Monroe discusses such constructs in Ultimate Journey which I was reading at the time.) I tried to fly straight up through the ceiling but I hit the ceiling and bounced off. I tried again and bounced off again. I drifted into one of the corners and floated there thinking. I decided to go visit a friend, whom I visualized. Nothing happened. I tried going through the wall, but I couldn't. So I landed on the floor, walked to the door, grabbed the doorknob, opened the door and walked out. As I walked through the doorway I reached over and turned off the overhead light in my room. I noticed the switch was a metal push-button, which seemed wrong, but I didn't think about it. The light turned off properly. I walked into the hallway and closed the door behind me.

I could hear my father walking around upstairs. I quietly walked across the playroom to the back door. I realized if I opened the door my father would hear it. I tried to fly up through the ceiling, but I bounced off. I visualized the friend I wanted to visit again, but nothing happened. I walked back across the playroom and into the hall. I noticed the hallway rug was flipped over at one corner. I squatted down and fixed it. I looked up the stairs and wondered if I should try to prove astral projection to my father by going upstairs and confronting him. I decided not to. I quietly opened the door to my room and walked back in. I flew into the air and visualized my friend again. This time everything went black and I was back in the physical in my real bedroom.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Projection with Verification

Sunday, June 18, 1995

I was in love with a girl who did not share my feelings. I had told her about astral projection but she didn't seem to understand. She gave me her permission to visit her astrally at night. On Saturday she was all I could think about. I resolved to visit her astrally that night. My hope was that I could help her out of her physical body and we could share a wonderful astral experience together. I fell asleep without consciously projecting Saturday night.

Sunday morning I awoke from a pleasant sexual dream in which I was in bed with a former girlfriend and a third person whose identity I couldn't remember.

On Monday morning the girl I loved related an incredible and terrifying experience she had on Sunday morning. She said she was in the midst of a sex dream in which she was in bed with a man and another woman when suddenly she woke up to see a man standing at the foot of her bed. It was dark and she could not identify him. He leaned onto the bed and grabbed her legs. She could feel the pressure on her legs and on the bed. She thought he was going to rape her. She struggled and sat up screaming. Suddenly she was floating horizontally above her bed with the man still holding her legs. She said she was floating just like the possessed girl in the movie "The Exorcist". She was terrified. She continued struggling until she lost consciousness.

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Spontaneous Projection

Saturday, May 27, 1995

I awoke early on Saturday morning and drifted in and out of consciousness. Then I felt the internal motion I feel prior to astral projections. The next thing I knew I was lying on my stomach on a hardwood floor. I was sliding along the floor feet first through no will of my own. I felt like I was a corpse someone was dragging out of the room by its feet. I was dragged through a doorway and down a hallway before suddenly finding myself back in the physical in my bed.

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Projection with Experimentation

Dream Projection

Saturday, March 11, 1995

I thought about astral projection but did not follow any projection techniques when I went to bed. I lay on my back with my hands folded across my chest. I was very tired. I turned the light out at about 1:25.

Before I lost consciousness I began feeling the strange internal motion feelings I experience prior to separation. The feeling was different this time. I felt like I was moving inwards rather than outwards. Then there was a flash of light, a popping sound, and my consciousness separated from my body. Everything was black. I tried to go visit my best friend. I felt like I was flying through pitch blackness. Suddenly I was floating vertically in a well-lit room. I did not think the room was real. I tried to go visit my friend again, which resulted in my floating counterclockwise around the room bouncing off of the walls and ceiling.

I decided to experiment and see if I could penetrate the walls and ceiling. I placed my right hand against the ceiling and pushed. My body was pushed downwards but at the same time my hand went into the ceiling. It reminded me of breaking the surface tension of a liquid. I placed my left hand against the ceiling and pressed. It went into the ceiling too. Then I withdrew my hands and tried something else. I pressed on the ceiling with my left hand and on the wall with my right hand at the same time. Both hands broke through. I decided to explore the room a little more and again floated counterclockwise around the room.

As I floated along one wall I passed in front of a rectangular mirror that was about two feet tall and one foot wide. I stopped and examined my face's indistinct reflection in the mirror for several seconds. I turned my head from side to side trying to get a sharper reflection. I thought about how strange it was to be looking at my astral body in an astral mirror. It occurred to me that I had the perfect opportunity to view my physical body from my astral body. I wondered where my physical body was in relation to this artificial room I was in.

I followed the wall to the left until I came to a picture window that looked across a narrow alley. About ten feet away was another picture window through which I saw a naked woman lying seductively on top of the covers of a large bed. The exhilaration I felt from seeing the woman broke my mental state and I found myself back in the physical, still lying on my back with my hands folded across my chest. The clock said 1:38.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Projection

Monday, January 16, 1995

I tried to have an astral projection and fell asleep. I awoke in a dream knowing that I was astrally projected. I was standing on the playground at the elementary school near my childhood home. I decided to go visit my best friend, but first I had to become airborne. I tried to float. It was hard but I succeeded in rising about twenty feet off the ground. There was a night watchman beside the building below. I didn't think he could see me since I was astral travelling, but he pointed his flashlight directly at me. I began sinking to the ground against my will. When I landed, instead of a watchman there were a guy and girl standing in front of me. The girl was pointing a flashlight at me. When I landed in front of her the girl dropped the flashlight in fear. I picked up the flashlight and gently handed it back to the girl. I remembered I was going to visit my best friend so I started jogging down the road in what seemed like the right direction. I forgot I was projected and faded into the dream world.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Friday, February 4, 1994

I stopped smoking cigarettes in 1985.

My best friend dreamt that he watched me talk with a guy at work. As we talked the guy offered me a cigarette which I accepted and lit without thinking about it or interrupting our conversation. My friend knew I didn't know I was smoking and wondered when I would realize it. A few minutes later I sat on a couch, looked for an ashtray, and stopped. I stared at my cigarette in confusion wondering where it came from and why I was smoking it.

The same night I dreamt that I was watching a TV news program that was about a project I was involved in at work. The project had spread to the whole country. Suddenly I noticed I had almost finished the cigarette I was smoking. I stared at it in confusion trying to remember why I was smoking it and when I had started smoking again.

In both dreams I was unconsciously smoking while thinking about work, realized I was smoking, and became confused.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Tuesday, November 23, 1993

Monday night I watched a movie called "Consenting Adults". I was impressed by the plot. SPOILER AHEAD. The main character's unpredictable friend murdered a woman with whom he had just had sex. He made it look like his wife was the woman who had been murdered, and he framed the main character. The main character discovered that the wife was still alive in a motel in Savannah, Georgia. He went to Savannah to talk with her. Then the murderer killed his wife in Savannah and again framed the main character.

Tuesday morning my best friend dreamt that an unpredictable friend from college called him and arranged for him to come for a visit at a motel in Savannah. That night in the motel, where they shared a room, the friend brought an unknown woman into the room, had sex with her, murdered her, and left. My friend fled so as not to be implicated in the murder.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Tuesday, June 1, 1993

On Tuesday morning my best friend dreamt that he and some other people were sitting around his house waiting for his air conditioner to explode. Then he walked around his backyard with someone, but he couldn't remember who.

The same morning I dreamt that I was with my best friend walking in his backyard. He pushed the grass and dirt aside in one spot to reveal a metal door about two feet square. He said that it was the door off of a steam train's boiler car. He said that he had to find another one quickly, before the pressure could no longer be contained. We hurried into the woods to find another door.

Parallels: Imminent explosion, walking around my friend's backyard.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Thursday, March 4, 1993

On Thursday morning I dreamt I was on the telephone with a female coworker. Her voice wouldn't work right. It kept cracking, making her difficult to understand.

Later that morning at work the female coworker called me on the telephone. She had lost her voice during the night. She had to whisper into the telephone.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Impressive Telepathy

Tuesday, February 16, 1993

In June, July, or August of 1973 I attended a big party at a farm near Davidson, North Carolina. I got very drunk. The next day I discovered my 1973 high school graduation ring was not on my finger. I tried to mentally review my actions of the previous night in hopes of figuring out when I had lost the ring. I deduced that the ring must have slipped off in the cooler as I fished in the ice water for a beer. I drove out to the farm and searched the weeds where the cooler's water had been dumped after the party. I did not find the ring. The farmhouse burned down in 1974. In 1981 I moved to South Carolina, where I still live.

On February 5, 1993 (almost twenty years after losing my ring at the party), I bought a metal detector. For more than a week I obsessively thought about the places I would search and the things I would find. I thought a lot about searching for my high school ring. I knew the farm had been sold and a new house had been built on the property. I thought about the unknown people who lived there and how I would ask them to let me search for my ring.

On February 16, 1993, I got a telephone call from a man who said he had my high school ring to return to me. He had bought the farm in 1987 and built a house there. He had found the ring while pulling weeds about a year ago. The ring has my initials and the name of the school on it. The man had gotten the appropriate yearbook and looked through it to see who had the initials "JDM". He had found one of my classmates with the same initials, found a telephone number for the guy, and called him, but that guy had his ring. Somehow the man with my ring had overlooked me in the yearbook. He gave up his search and put the ring in a box where it stayed until about a week earlier when his wife told him they needed to try to find the ring's owner again. The same week his wife decided they needed to try again was the week I was obsessively thinking about metal detecting and finding my ring. They got a yearbook and looked through it. This time they spotted me, called my brother who still lived in the area, and got my telephone number from him. They mailed the ring to me.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Brief Astral Projection

Thursday Night, January 7, 1993

I was extremely tired when I went to bed. Usually I roll onto my stomach to get to sleep more quickly, but I was too tired and stayed on my back. As I relaxed I felt like I was about to have an out-of-body experience. I passively flowed with it. Suddenly I was flying around a room that looked different from my bedroom. I brushed the drapes once and I brushed the floor once as I flew. I felt dread of something on the other side of one of the walls. I made about five circuits flying around the room and then was back in bed as if nothing had happened. I felt no fear and no accelerated pulse.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

We had the Same Dream

Thursday Night, June 18, 1992

Thursday morning I dreamt I was lying on my back about to undergo an operation. A woman standing beside me had just administered some drug to incapacitate me. I grabbed her and demanded an explanation of the operation. I didn't understand it and didn't agree that I should have it. She gave a quick explanation that made no sense to me. As I succumbed to the drug it was all I could do to stand and stagger from the room. Stumbling down the hall I ran into a friend and tried to explain my predicament to him. I woke up.

That day at work I wanted to tell the dream to my friend who was in the dream, but it was never convenient. When I went to bed Thursday night I was still thinking about the dream and my desire to tell my friend about it.

Early Thursday night my friend dreamt he was lying on his back about to undergo an operation. He did not believe the operation was in his best interests. Someone was standing over him about to begin. My friend wanted to get away, but he was paralyzed. He woke up.

Both dreams began with us lying on our backs about to undergo an operation we did not want. We both escaped.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Friday, August 01, 2008

Suppressed Reaction to Threat, False Awakening?

Friday Morning, May 29, 1992

I am still reading Dimensions by Jacques Vallee.

I awoke due to a bright light shining into the bedroom. I was lying on my back. I could see the light through my closed eyelids. I opened my eyes and saw a brilliant white light shining on me from the hallway. I knew there was no light that bright anywhere in the house. I glanced at the clock by the bed. It was 2:14 AM. I realized the aliens had come for me. Then I rolled over facing away from the light and instantly went back to sleep.

I record this event because of my inexplicable reaction to it. I believed that I was awake and that there was a bright light shining onto me from the hallway, but what did I do? I casually realized the aliens had come for me, looked at the clock, rolled over, and instantly went back to sleep. I could understand that reaction if I awoke and knew I'd been dreaming, but I thought I was awake and I thought the light was real. Plus, I'm a light sleeper and generally have trouble going back to sleep after awakening during the night. I don't believe I was visited by aliens, but I do believe it was an unusual nighttime event worth recording.

Tuesday or Wednesday, May 26 or 27, 1992

I am recording this several days late because in retrospect it might be related to the above event. At the time I didn't record it, although I did think it was unusual enough to mention to a coworker the following day.

Sometime during the night I got out of bed, walked downstairs, turned a light on, looked around, turned the light off, and went back to bed. I don't know why I did it. I've lived here for nine years and I've only gone downstairs once after going to bed. (Once I had wired my TV sound through my stereo speakers. In the middle of the night when my VCR came on to tape a movie the TV sound passed through and came out of my speakers.)

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