Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream Telepathy

Saturday July 15, 1989

Friday night my best friend went to see the movie "Batman". He had to wait in line outside the theater. The line surprised him because the movie had been playing for several weeks. Saturday morning he had a dream in which someone told him that the third eye was not it.

I dreamt that someone was teaching me about psychic growth. He stressed that I would be misdirecting my attention if I placed too much emphasis on the third eye. I also dreamt that my best friend and I went to a movie where we had to wait outside for awhile before going in.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lucid Dream Projection

Monday July 10, 1989

I read about astral projection techniques before going to sleep. I went to sleep repeating affirmations about having a lucid dream and projecting from the dream state.

I became conscious in a dream as I walked across the Davidson College campus. I was lucid. I knew I was dreaming and I remembered my plan to astral project from within the dream. I figured the easiest way to achieve bodily separation would be to fly. I jumped straight up into the air with my arms outstretched like Superman. I flew. It was wonderful. I flew straight up and quickly flew into the clouds. I was pleased with myself for successfully becoming lucid and for projecting. Then I began losing altitude until I was about to land on the ground. I couldn't stay aloft. I lost my lucidity and faded into a normal dream.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney