Monday, August 25, 2008

One of My Longer Projections

Sunday, June 25, 1995

I was lying relaxed in bed after a partial night's sleep. I felt like my astral body was crooked in relation to my physical body. I realized I often feel like that and automatically straighten myself. It's sort of like the way you automatically refocus your eyes when you want to see a stereogram and your eyes start to drift out of focus. This time I caught myself before realigning my body and decided to use the crookedness to try to project. There was a very quick, painless, motion feeling and I was out. I felt like for decades I had made projecting hard when it's really very easy. I was in blackness, which happens frequently. Often whatever I do to try to get past this point results in ending the experience. This time I tried the obvious. I tried to open my eyes. It worked! I could see.

I was floating vertically in my childhood bedroom. I realized that my old bedroom is a stable astral-world creation I have subconsciously created. It's not a misinterpretation of my current bedroom, it's not a dream, and it's not the current state of the bedroom. (Robert Monroe discusses such constructs in Ultimate Journey which I was reading at the time.) I tried to fly straight up through the ceiling but I hit the ceiling and bounced off. I tried again and bounced off again. I drifted into one of the corners and floated there thinking. I decided to go visit a friend, whom I visualized. Nothing happened. I tried going through the wall, but I couldn't. So I landed on the floor, walked to the door, grabbed the doorknob, opened the door and walked out. As I walked through the doorway I reached over and turned off the overhead light in my room. I noticed the switch was a metal push-button, which seemed wrong, but I didn't think about it. The light turned off properly. I walked into the hallway and closed the door behind me.

I could hear my father walking around upstairs. I quietly walked across the playroom to the back door. I realized if I opened the door my father would hear it. I tried to fly up through the ceiling, but I bounced off. I visualized the friend I wanted to visit again, but nothing happened. I walked back across the playroom and into the hall. I noticed the hallway rug was flipped over at one corner. I squatted down and fixed it. I looked up the stairs and wondered if I should try to prove astral projection to my father by going upstairs and confronting him. I decided not to. I quietly opened the door to my room and walked back in. I flew into the air and visualized my friend again. This time everything went black and I was back in the physical in my real bedroom.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Projection with Verification

Sunday, June 18, 1995

I was in love with a girl who did not share my feelings. I had told her about astral projection but she didn't seem to understand. She gave me her permission to visit her astrally at night. On Saturday she was all I could think about. I resolved to visit her astrally that night. My hope was that I could help her out of her physical body and we could share a wonderful astral experience together. I fell asleep without consciously projecting Saturday night.

Sunday morning I awoke from a pleasant sexual dream in which I was in bed with a former girlfriend and a third person whose identity I couldn't remember.

On Monday morning the girl I loved related an incredible and terrifying experience she had on Sunday morning. She said she was in the midst of a sex dream in which she was in bed with a man and another woman when suddenly she woke up to see a man standing at the foot of her bed. It was dark and she could not identify him. He leaned onto the bed and grabbed her legs. She could feel the pressure on her legs and on the bed. She thought he was going to rape her. She struggled and sat up screaming. Suddenly she was floating horizontally above her bed with the man still holding her legs. She said she was floating just like the possessed girl in the movie "The Exorcist". She was terrified. She continued struggling until she lost consciousness.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Spontaneous Projection

Saturday, May 27, 1995

I awoke early on Saturday morning and drifted in and out of consciousness. Then I felt the internal motion I feel prior to astral projections. The next thing I knew I was lying on my stomach on a hardwood floor. I was sliding along the floor feet first through no will of my own. I felt like I was a corpse someone was dragging out of the room by its feet. I was dragged through a doorway and down a hallway before suddenly finding myself back in the physical in my bed.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Projection with Experimentation

Dream Projection

Saturday, March 11, 1995

I thought about astral projection but did not follow any projection techniques when I went to bed. I lay on my back with my hands folded across my chest. I was very tired. I turned the light out at about 1:25.

Before I lost consciousness I began feeling the strange internal motion feelings I experience prior to separation. The feeling was different this time. I felt like I was moving inwards rather than outwards. Then there was a flash of light, a popping sound, and my consciousness separated from my body. Everything was black. I tried to go visit my best friend. I felt like I was flying through pitch blackness. Suddenly I was floating vertically in a well-lit room. I did not think the room was real. I tried to go visit my friend again, which resulted in my floating counterclockwise around the room bouncing off of the walls and ceiling.

I decided to experiment and see if I could penetrate the walls and ceiling. I placed my right hand against the ceiling and pushed. My body was pushed downwards but at the same time my hand went into the ceiling. It reminded me of breaking the surface tension of a liquid. I placed my left hand against the ceiling and pressed. It went into the ceiling too. Then I withdrew my hands and tried something else. I pressed on the ceiling with my left hand and on the wall with my right hand at the same time. Both hands broke through. I decided to explore the room a little more and again floated counterclockwise around the room.

As I floated along one wall I passed in front of a rectangular mirror that was about two feet tall and one foot wide. I stopped and examined my face's indistinct reflection in the mirror for several seconds. I turned my head from side to side trying to get a sharper reflection. I thought about how strange it was to be looking at my astral body in an astral mirror. It occurred to me that I had the perfect opportunity to view my physical body from my astral body. I wondered where my physical body was in relation to this artificial room I was in.

I followed the wall to the left until I came to a picture window that looked across a narrow alley. About ten feet away was another picture window through which I saw a naked woman lying seductively on top of the covers of a large bed. The exhilaration I felt from seeing the woman broke my mental state and I found myself back in the physical, still lying on my back with my hands folded across my chest. The clock said 1:38.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Projection

Monday, January 16, 1995

I tried to have an astral projection and fell asleep. I awoke in a dream knowing that I was astrally projected. I was standing on the playground at the elementary school near my childhood home. I decided to go visit my best friend, but first I had to become airborne. I tried to float. It was hard but I succeeded in rising about twenty feet off the ground. There was a night watchman beside the building below. I didn't think he could see me since I was astral travelling, but he pointed his flashlight directly at me. I began sinking to the ground against my will. When I landed, instead of a watchman there were a guy and girl standing in front of me. The girl was pointing a flashlight at me. When I landed in front of her the girl dropped the flashlight in fear. I picked up the flashlight and gently handed it back to the girl. I remembered I was going to visit my best friend so I started jogging down the road in what seemed like the right direction. I forgot I was projected and faded into the dream world.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Friday, February 4, 1994

I stopped smoking cigarettes in 1985.

My best friend dreamt that he watched me talk with a guy at work. As we talked the guy offered me a cigarette which I accepted and lit without thinking about it or interrupting our conversation. My friend knew I didn't know I was smoking and wondered when I would realize it. A few minutes later I sat on a couch, looked for an ashtray, and stopped. I stared at my cigarette in confusion wondering where it came from and why I was smoking it.

The same night I dreamt that I was watching a TV news program that was about a project I was involved in at work. The project had spread to the whole country. Suddenly I noticed I had almost finished the cigarette I was smoking. I stared at it in confusion trying to remember why I was smoking it and when I had started smoking again.

In both dreams I was unconsciously smoking while thinking about work, realized I was smoking, and became confused.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Tuesday, November 23, 1993

Monday night I watched a movie called "Consenting Adults". I was impressed by the plot. SPOILER AHEAD. The main character's unpredictable friend murdered a woman with whom he had just had sex. He made it look like his wife was the woman who had been murdered, and he framed the main character. The main character discovered that the wife was still alive in a motel in Savannah, Georgia. He went to Savannah to talk with her. Then the murderer killed his wife in Savannah and again framed the main character.

Tuesday morning my best friend dreamt that an unpredictable friend from college called him and arranged for him to come for a visit at a motel in Savannah. That night in the motel, where they shared a room, the friend brought an unknown woman into the room, had sex with her, murdered her, and left. My friend fled so as not to be implicated in the murder.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Tuesday, June 1, 1993

On Tuesday morning my best friend dreamt that he and some other people were sitting around his house waiting for his air conditioner to explode. Then he walked around his backyard with someone, but he couldn't remember who.

The same morning I dreamt that I was with my best friend walking in his backyard. He pushed the grass and dirt aside in one spot to reveal a metal door about two feet square. He said that it was the door off of a steam train's boiler car. He said that he had to find another one quickly, before the pressure could no longer be contained. We hurried into the woods to find another door.

Parallels: Imminent explosion, walking around my friend's backyard.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Thursday, March 4, 1993

On Thursday morning I dreamt I was on the telephone with a female coworker. Her voice wouldn't work right. It kept cracking, making her difficult to understand.

Later that morning at work the female coworker called me on the telephone. She had lost her voice during the night. She had to whisper into the telephone.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Impressive Telepathy

Tuesday, February 16, 1993

In June, July, or August of 1973 I attended a big party at a farm near Davidson, North Carolina. I got very drunk. The next day I discovered my 1973 high school graduation ring was not on my finger. I tried to mentally review my actions of the previous night in hopes of figuring out when I had lost the ring. I deduced that the ring must have slipped off in the cooler as I fished in the ice water for a beer. I drove out to the farm and searched the weeds where the cooler's water had been dumped after the party. I did not find the ring. The farmhouse burned down in 1974. In 1981 I moved to South Carolina, where I still live.

On February 5, 1993 (almost twenty years after losing my ring at the party), I bought a metal detector. For more than a week I obsessively thought about the places I would search and the things I would find. I thought a lot about searching for my high school ring. I knew the farm had been sold and a new house had been built on the property. I thought about the unknown people who lived there and how I would ask them to let me search for my ring.

On February 16, 1993, I got a telephone call from a man who said he had my high school ring to return to me. He had bought the farm in 1987 and built a house there. He had found the ring while pulling weeds about a year ago. The ring has my initials and the name of the school on it. The man had gotten the appropriate yearbook and looked through it to see who had the initials "JDM". He had found one of my classmates with the same initials, found a telephone number for the guy, and called him, but that guy had his ring. Somehow the man with my ring had overlooked me in the yearbook. He gave up his search and put the ring in a box where it stayed until about a week earlier when his wife told him they needed to try to find the ring's owner again. The same week his wife decided they needed to try again was the week I was obsessively thinking about metal detecting and finding my ring. They got a yearbook and looked through it. This time they spotted me, called my brother who still lived in the area, and got my telephone number from him. They mailed the ring to me.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Brief Astral Projection

Thursday Night, January 7, 1993

I was extremely tired when I went to bed. Usually I roll onto my stomach to get to sleep more quickly, but I was too tired and stayed on my back. As I relaxed I felt like I was about to have an out-of-body experience. I passively flowed with it. Suddenly I was flying around a room that looked different from my bedroom. I brushed the drapes once and I brushed the floor once as I flew. I felt dread of something on the other side of one of the walls. I made about five circuits flying around the room and then was back in bed as if nothing had happened. I felt no fear and no accelerated pulse.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

We had the Same Dream

Thursday Night, June 18, 1992

Thursday morning I dreamt I was lying on my back about to undergo an operation. A woman standing beside me had just administered some drug to incapacitate me. I grabbed her and demanded an explanation of the operation. I didn't understand it and didn't agree that I should have it. She gave a quick explanation that made no sense to me. As I succumbed to the drug it was all I could do to stand and stagger from the room. Stumbling down the hall I ran into a friend and tried to explain my predicament to him. I woke up.

That day at work I wanted to tell the dream to my friend who was in the dream, but it was never convenient. When I went to bed Thursday night I was still thinking about the dream and my desire to tell my friend about it.

Early Thursday night my friend dreamt he was lying on his back about to undergo an operation. He did not believe the operation was in his best interests. Someone was standing over him about to begin. My friend wanted to get away, but he was paralyzed. He woke up.

Both dreams began with us lying on our backs about to undergo an operation we did not want. We both escaped.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Friday, August 01, 2008

Suppressed Reaction to Threat, False Awakening?

Friday Morning, May 29, 1992

I am still reading Dimensions by Jacques Vallee.

I awoke due to a bright light shining into the bedroom. I was lying on my back. I could see the light through my closed eyelids. I opened my eyes and saw a brilliant white light shining on me from the hallway. I knew there was no light that bright anywhere in the house. I glanced at the clock by the bed. It was 2:14 AM. I realized the aliens had come for me. Then I rolled over facing away from the light and instantly went back to sleep.

I record this event because of my inexplicable reaction to it. I believed that I was awake and that there was a bright light shining onto me from the hallway, but what did I do? I casually realized the aliens had come for me, looked at the clock, rolled over, and instantly went back to sleep. I could understand that reaction if I awoke and knew I'd been dreaming, but I thought I was awake and I thought the light was real. Plus, I'm a light sleeper and generally have trouble going back to sleep after awakening during the night. I don't believe I was visited by aliens, but I do believe it was an unusual nighttime event worth recording.

Tuesday or Wednesday, May 26 or 27, 1992

I am recording this several days late because in retrospect it might be related to the above event. At the time I didn't record it, although I did think it was unusual enough to mention to a coworker the following day.

Sometime during the night I got out of bed, walked downstairs, turned a light on, looked around, turned the light off, and went back to bed. I don't know why I did it. I've lived here for nine years and I've only gone downstairs once after going to bed. (Once I had wired my TV sound through my stereo speakers. In the middle of the night when my VCR came on to tape a movie the TV sound passed through and came out of my speakers.)

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Astral Attack, Man on My Back

Sunday Night, May 24, 1992

I hiked 12.6 miles in the mountains Sunday and did not eat much. I was intentionally losing weight. The result is that when I went to bed Sunday night I was exhausted. I read the first chapter of the book Dimensions by Jacques Vallee before turning out the light at 11:17 PM. I was lying on my stomach with my left arm down by my side and my right hand up under the right side of the pillow. The left side of my face was flat against the mattress. The pillow was between my head and the bed's headboard.

I felt the internal motion feeling and heard the rushing sounds I have learned to associate with leaving my body. I recognized what was happening, relaxed, and flowed with the experience. I perceived a fast, steady stream of hypnogogic images and sounds. In one brief scene I was lying on my side in bed between an animal and a child. I was facing the animal's back. I think it was a dog. I could not see the child. As the quick stories came and went I felt like I accelerated, stopped, accelerated, stopped, and so on in cycles. The feeling of motion and loudness of the rushing sound also occurred in cycles. I realized that the cycle coincided with my heartbeats.

Then I was distracted by loud heavy-metal music and the singer's face filled my vision. I heard and understood the lyrics. They were not profound. As I watched the singer and listened to the music I wondered why my separation was taking so long. Usually this part of a projection only lasted about one second.

Suddenly I felt harsh, forceful pressure on my right shoulder and on my left arm's biceps. Someone was holding me down, powerfully. My sense was that the being was masculine. I clearly felt the right hand and fingers squeezing my right shoulder, pushing it against the mattress. I tried to struggle, but I was paralyzed. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. Throughout the struggle I continued feeling motion, hearing the loud music, and seeing the singer's face. The being let go of my left arm and slid its left hand, palm up, under me, against my stomach. The hand grabbed my stomach, painfully gouging me with its fingers. The feeling was unendurable, similar to the feeling when someone grabs and pinches the nerves of your leg above your knee (called a "horse bite"), or forcefully tickles the bottoms of your feet. Somehow I grabbed the being's left arm with my left hand and tried to wrest it from my stomach. I screamed internally, "Whose hands are these? Why are you doing this? Who are you?" Everything stopped.

I opened my eyes and saw that it was 11:28, eleven minutes after I had turned out the light. I had not moved. My left arm was still straight down by my side and my right arm was still up under my pillow. As I reviewed the experience I realized the being who attacked me had felt similar to the being who tried to astrally abduct me several years earlier. Only this time the being held my astral body inside my physical body so that I couldn't project.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dream Telepathy

Thursday, May 14, 1992

Early Thursday morning I dreamt I was sitting on the living-room couch at my old house in North Carolina. My current project leader from work was sitting on the couch next to me. He was visiting with two children, a boy and a girl, who weren't his. He told me he was temporarily responsible for them. He acted like he didn't like having to take care of them. The children were playing in another room.

Later that day at work I hesitantly shared my dream with my project leader. He was surprised due to a telephone call he had gotten from his brother in another state the night before (Wednesday night). His brother wanted to attend a party in Charleston next month and didn't want to have to worry about his kids (a boy and a girl). My project leader had reluctantly agreed to let his brother drop the kids off at his house. He wasn't happy about it.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Wednesday, February 12, 1992

Tuesday night my best friend got his orange juice jug out and discovered he had accidentally stored it outside of the refrigerator after he last used it. The orange juice was fermented and he had to throw it out. When he cleaned the jug he also cleaned an old-fashioned soft-drink bottle that he had found in his yard. He wanted to keep the bottle because it was old.

A few hours later I dreamt I was eating with my best friend. My drink was in an old-fashioned soft-drink bottle. I thought it was orange juice. When I drank some, it didn't taste right and I made a face as I tried to determine what it was. Someone asked me what was wrong. I told them that I had been expecting orange juice and this wasn't. Then I realized it was probably a "Tempest," which in the dream was a fermented alcoholic beverage.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Saturday, January 18, 1992

Friday night I watched the unusual 1932 film, Freaks, directed by Tod Browning. The movie is filled with memorable scenes of crippled people, deformed people, and midgets. One of the freaks (played by Johnny Eck) is a man with no legs who runs around on his hands with his body swinging between his arms. The movie's climax takes place at night during a storm, when all the freaks chase someone. Somehow the legless man running on his hands is ahead of the other freaks. As I watched, I thought about my best friend and how I knew he would enjoy the movie.

A few hours later (Saturday morning) my best friend dreamt that he went into a building to take shelter from a storm. Inside the building were many crippled people. One person that especially caught his attention was a man who had no legs. The man was standing on his hands with his body hanging down between his arms.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Coincidence Implying Telepathy

Tuesday, December 3, 1991

Wednesday at lunch my best friend and I discovered a coincidence that seemed to indicate subconscious telepathic communication. The previous night we had each gone to the Radio Shack at the Anderson Mall and bought a computer-clock battery.

The coincidence was mind-boggling for several reasons.

1. Neither of us had said anything to each other about the mall, Radio Shack, or wanting a new computer battery.

2. Computer clock batteries were available at several computer-oriented stores, department stores, and even at a more convenient Radio Shack we both drove past every day going to and from work.

3. Computer batteries do not need to be replaced often. My first computer battery lasted three and a half years.

What are the odds of each of us going to the same store on the same night to buy something only needed once every few years, without mentioning it to each other beforehand?

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy & Similar Dreams

Tuesday Morning, November 19, 1991

Monday night I watched the 1989 movie "Sonny Boy" starring Paul L. Smith. I recognized Smith as the actor who played a guard in the powerful 1978 film Midnight Express. In "Midnight Express" Smith's guard character had used a stick to severely beat the feet of Billy Hayes (played by Brad Davis). "Midnight Express" was the only other movie I remembered seeing Smith in. I thought about "Midnight Express" and the feet-beating. I made a mental note to tell my best friend about seeing Smith again in "Sonny Boy".

A few hours later on Tuesday morning I dreamt I was travelling with my best friend. We were staying in a dormitory. I sat on the edge of the bed as I put on my hiking boots for a hike. I was irritated because my best friend was not there and he should have been. I noticed my third boot and couldn't decide whether to take it along. I wondered if my friend would bring his spare boot this time.

On Tuesday morning my best friend dreamt that we were travelling together and staying in a dormitory. We had gotten separated and he was looking for me. He didn't have all his gear with him and needed to find me before we could continue. He stepped into a puddle and got his shoes wet. He was aggravated that he didn't have his spare shoes with him. He then watched the punishment of a man whose foot was beaten with a stick until it was mutilated. Then the punisher started beating the man's other foot.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Friday, July 18, 2008

Met Friend Astrally

Sunday Night, August 11, 1991

I had to get up at 4:00 AM the next morning to catch a flight to Philadelphia. I went to bed at 8:30 in hopes of getting a good night's sleep. Instead I tossed and turned restlessly without sleeping much. I felt my astral body leave my physical body, but I remained completely passive because I wanted to sleep. I was buffeted back and forth around the ceiling of a dimly-lit room. This turmoil seemed to continue for a couple of minutes.

I decided since I was projected I might as well make use of it and try to take control. I tried to visit an old friend from Philadelphia, whom I had not seen since college. Nothing happened. I tried to visit a penfriend I had in Australia. Nothing happened. Suddenly I was thrust sideways feet-first against a table. It was as if I was lying in the air horizontally, standing on the side of a table. A force of several gravities was pushing me toward the table and I had trouble remaining in a standing position. This struggle also lasted a couple of minutes.

The force stopped abruptly and I flew out into the room only to encounter another astral being flying into the room through the wall on my left. It was one of my best friends from childhood. We had grown up three houses apart. Telepathically I asked him what he was doing there and he asked me the same thing. Then he said he had just come to see me since we hadn't seen each other in over a year. (We normally saw one another every Christmas when we visited our parents, but he had been unable to come the previous Christmas.)

Then several things happened at once -- my physical body rolled over, I re-entered my body, there was a brilliant flash of lightning, and instant thunder. The time was 11:25 PM. A violent electrical storm with torrential rain had just started. I realized my experience included two firsts. I had never been projected during an electrical storm and I had never encountered a projected friend while I was projected.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brief Projection

Tuesday Morning, July 2, 1991

I became conscious flying counterclockwise around a bedroom. I looked down at the bed and saw it was empty. I made some flying adjustments as I flew around the room. I was surprised that I had control of my flight. I wondered which direction I needed to fly to go visit my best friend. Then I visualized myself standing in my best friend's bedroom. Instantly I flew into a wall, everything went black, and I lost consciousness.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Brief Projection

Sunday Morning, June 23, 1991

I awoke fully projected and floating in blackness. I was lucid. I felt great, however, I couldn't see. I willed myself to see and it worked. I was slowly flying around the ceiling of my bedroom. I looked down at my bed because I wanted to see my body. My bed was empty. I noticed I could control where I flew without ending the experience. I made a mental note thinking, "Remember to record this one as the best one ever." Then I lost consciousness.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Projection with Visual Errors

Sunday March 17, 1991

I went to bed exhausted at 1:30 AM on Sunday morning. I awoke at 8:30 AM and listened to the audio tape, "Astral Projection: Sound-Accompanied Lift-Out Hypnosis" by Dick Sutphen (from "Astral Projection Hypnosis Album", C184, 1980, Valley of the Sun Publishing). The tape ended without my having a projection. I rolled onto my stomach and tried to go back to sleep.

I became conscious astrally projected and moving backwards toward the ceiling. I could perceive the room clearly. I looked at the bed because I wanted to see myself. The bed was empty, however, I could see the indention on the pillow where my head was. (In fact I wasn't using a pillow.) I realized I had risen much farther from the bed than the ceiling. I felt like I might be able to control the projection this time. The walls looked like concrete blocks with crude shelves now and then. I was reminded of Alice as she fell down the rabbit hole in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I began sinking back toward my body. I realized I should fly through one of the walls and increase the distance from my body in order to stay projected. I flew sideways into a wall and everything went black. I could feel I was still going down. Then I felt my feet and legs reentering my body first. My torso was arched upwards so that my head, arms, and torso were still projected. I felt like I was hanging in that awkward position by my wrists, like I was a marionette suspended and controlled by strings on my wrists. I visualized an imaginary puppeteer using the strings to pull me back up and out of my body, but I kept sliding downward into my body. I lost consciousness.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Helping Hands Projection

Sunday February 24, 1991

The previous weeks had been unusually stressful at work, causing me to get very little sleep. I went hiking alone on Saturday. After going to bed very tired Saturday night I thought about astral projection. I thought about how I had not had a projection for a long time and how I was ready for another projection experience. I awoke too early at 5:55 AM, very restless with twitches in my arms and legs. I wanted to go back to sleep until 10:00 or 11:00. At 6:45 I was still awake and decided it might be a good time to listen to a projection-related audio tape. I chose a tape called "Astral Projection: Sound-Accompanied Lift-Out Hypnosis" by Dick Sutphen (from "Astral Projection Hypnosis Album", C184, 1980, Valley of the Sun Publishing). I put on my headphones, lay on my back, and listened to the tape. I still felt restless near the end of the tape when Sutphen's voice began again, saying he was about to wake me up. Instead of finishing the tape I rewound it and put my gear away. I still wanted to get a few more hours of sleep. I lay on my back awhile, couldn't get to sleep, and rolled onto my stomach.

I dreamt I was riding a bicycle down a dirt road in the country near my home town of Davidson, North Carolina (USA). The road narrowed and became muddy as it entered a construction area. There were earth-moving machines sitting around in a muddy field. My path ended at a barricade with no way to continue. I got off the bike and walked around in exasperation trying to figure out how to get to where I wanted to go. I decided there was nothing to do but go back the way I had come. When I turned around to get back on my bike I saw its front wheel had been removed. A boy about thirteen years old stood next to the bike. He offered to trade me my wheel for something. (I don't remember what.) The wheel was nowhere in sight. I was incensed that the boy wanted me to trade for something that was already mine.

Suddenly I found myself floating away in a carriage that reminded of the passenger basket under a hot air balloon. There was an old disheveled-looking dog at my side who seemed to belong with me. I turned and saw a girl who was not supposed to be there. I immediately searched the carriage for the little dog I knew must be there too. I found the little dog completely hidden beneath a blanket in the corner.

The scene changed and I was standing in my bedroom in Davidson (where I had not lived for ten years). There was a wondrous girl standing in front of me. I felt an overpowering attraction to her on several levels -- spiritual, emotional, physical. I had never seen anyone like her. She was completely white and glowing. Her clothing and physical details were all in subtly-different shades of glowing white. She appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She was fairly short, perhaps two or three inches over five feet. Her hair was short and very thick, with small white curls. Her facial features, including her eyes, were all white. She shimmered and glowed fuzzily so that there were no sharp details. Her dress had shoulder straps leaving her arms and shoulders bare. Her dress had a narrow waist and stopped about mid-thigh. She wore nearly-transparent white hose on her white legs.

We stood facing each other a couple of feet apart. My attraction to her was intense. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently drew her closer. I knew that she wanted to be there with me and for me, but she turned her face away when I tried to kiss her. There was never any verbal or telepathic communication between us. I put my hands on her waist and she leaned backwards so far that her head and torso were no longer visible. Her dress came up revealing the tops of her white hose. There were no clips or garter belt holding her hose up. I hooked the fingertips of both hands under the top edge of the hose on her right leg and slowly began sliding the hose down her leg. Although I felt strong physical lust, I also felt an intense spiritual oneness with the girl that I had never felt before. As soon as I began pulling down the girl's hose I was abruptly awakened and the dream world vanished.

I felt a brief flash of anger at being disturbed from such a wonderful scene. My anger was instantly replaced with overwhelming feelings of love, benevolence, acceptance, and safety. I was being lifted out of my physical body. I clearly felt hands on both sides of my waist and forearms on my hips, gently and firmly pulling me up out of my body. The touch felt feminine. When I was completely projected the hands let go and I could see as if I had just opened my astral eyes.

I was horizontal, near the ceiling, face down, in my bedroom in Davidson. I was moving quickly in a counterclockwise circle around the room -- like the knot of a twirling lasso. My room looked like it did when I had lived there during high school, with blue walls, orange trim, and an orange bedspread. There was no body on the bed. Some of the details about the room seemed wrong. There were a few small items laying on the bed. I had little control over my flight. I tried to penetrate one of the walls and I succeeded, however, I still flew in a counterclockwise circle. The circle was just bigger and the room was less distinct because I was flying inside the walls. I decided to try to fly upward through the ceiling and as soon as I had the idea I shot upwards through the ceiling. As I sped away from my bedroom I lost consciousness for an instant.

Then I was facing a wall that contained a window about the size of my TV screen. Through the window I could see another world, brightly lit with sunlight. I grabbed the edge of a sliding glass pane covering the window and slid it open to the right. There was a second pane behind the first one. I slid the second pane open too. I put my head and arms through the window and was pulling myself through when the pull of my physical body from behind became stronger and stopped me. The harder I tried to pull myself through, the stronger the pull from behind me became. I was still struggling to pull myself through the window when I lost consciousness.

(I have read many accounts of people who projected when the hands of unseen helpers lifted them from their physical bodies. I think this was my first experience at being lifted out of my body by helping hands.)

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Monday January 28, 1991

Sunday night I watched a movie in which a killer was killing women in bed by shooting them with a crossbow loaded with long South American Indian arrows. At one point the killer hunted a man he had trapped. The killer put a crossbow and the man's car keys several feet from the man and told him to get them and try to reach his car. The killer said that the car was behind the lion pen. The man scrambled for the crossbow and keys, wriggled through an opening in a fence, and (in confusion) tried to get around the lion pen to find his car.

The same night my best friend dreamt he saw a dead woman on a bed. He felt like he had to get some African spears before he could call for help. Then, I was with him as we went between two fences at the back of a zoo behind the lions. He was confused as to whether or not we were safe from the lions. He felt as though we were in danger.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dream Telepathy

Thursday November 1, 1990

Wednesday night a female friend of mine watched the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show. The show had two men talking in a room. Each man thought the other man was an escaped convict. Each man thought the other man was going to kill him. One man stepped into an adjacent room to load his handgun, which he brought back covertly. The other man rested his hand on the fireplace poker. Their conversation was tense and suspenseful.

Thursday morning I dreamt I was standing in a room with a man who I thought might try to kill me. Our conversation was friendly on the surface, but very tense underneath. I was wearing the fanny pack I wear while hiking. I discreetly unzipped the right pouch and put my hand on my gun. I flipped off the trigger safety. Then I realized I needed to load a round into the chamber if the gun was going to be useful. I briefly went into another room, chambered a round, put the gun back in its pocket, put my hand on top of it, and returned to the room where the other man waited. That's all I remember.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Man on My Back, Paralysis, Dual Consciousness

Tuesday Morning, June 5, 1990

A friend and I ate bad seafood on Saturday night. We both had cramps and diarrhea on Sunday and Monday. Monday night I went to bed very tired at around 12:45 AM.

I lay on my stomach and tried to go to sleep as quickly as possible. Soon I was in a dream in which a coworker was having convulsions on the floor nearby. When I tried to move to help her I discovered I was paralyzed. The dream world vanished and I was in bed struggling to move. This type of paralysis is not uncommon, especially when one is in the state between sleeping and waking. I have both read about and experienced such paralysis several times. It's usually unnerving, but it doesn't last long.

As I lay on my stomach trying to move I suddenly became aware of a man on my back holding tightly onto my neck and shoulders. I could feel his weight on my body and I could feel his breath on my left ear. I remembered reading Robert Monroe's account of the same phenomenon (in Journeys Out of the Body). Monroe identified the man on his back as his own physical body. I wondered if my astral body was simply out of coincidence with my physical body, making me think my physical body was someone else, or if I really had an unwelcome entity holding onto me. I tried to mentally create an energy field that would push the man off of my back. I also tried to move my physical body, which would end the experience. Both attempts failed.

Then I was standing in a dimly-lit room facing a light switch on the wall. I was conscious both there and in my paralyzed physical body where I was still trying to free myself of the man on my back. I knew if I turned the light on, normalcy would return. I flipped the switch but no light came on. Although I had previously used non-working lights in dreams as triggers to become lucid, this time it didn't work. I stood there staring at the light switch as my consciousness in my physical body kept struggling with the man on my back. Suddenly I was able to move my physical arms and the experience ended.

2008 Note: I had also read about the man-on-your-back phenomenon in other books and in Reflections on Lucid Dreaming and Out-of-Body Experiences: Father X in Lucidity Letter, June 1989, Vol. 8, No.1, page 39. In Father X's experiences the man on his back was not himself.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dream Telepathy

Monday April 9, 1990

Sunday night my best friend had a conversation with another friend about the local post office. They discussed the lack of functionality in the layout of the building and parking lot. My best friend complained about the building's poor design. I did not know about their conversation.

A few hours later I dreamt my best friend and I visited the post office to get my mail. After entering the building, we realized the boxes were in a different part of the building. We had to exit the building and come back in through another entrance. Then I needed to use the restroom. The restroom was in a third section of the post office. I would have to exit again and enter through a third entrance. We stood by the boxes and discussed the building's flawed design.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Three Semiconscious Projections

Thursday October 12, 1989

I had a mild fever and felt slightly sick at my stomach when I went to bed. I read in The Art and Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel for awhile before turning out the light.

I became partially conscious in the astral lying on my back in bed slightly out of sync to the left of my physical body. Very slowly I bounced along the bed's surface, went over the edge, and drifted gently to the floor. I slowly drifted across the floor just barely making contact with the floor occasionally. I became irritated because my sleep was being disturbed. As soon as I felt irritated I automatically reentered my physical body and lost consciousness.

I became partially conscious in the astral again. This time I was slightly out of sync to the right of my physical body. I slowly drifted off the right edge of the bed and fell into an awkward position wedged between the bed and the bedside table. My left leg and shoulder were pressed against the bed and my right arm was forced upwards against the table. I registered slight surprise at my predicament. I tried to remember the last time I had fallen out of bed. When I had gone off the bed's left side I had known I was astrally projected. This time I thought I had physically fallen out of bed. I decided to climb back up onto the bed. As soon as I tried to move I automatically reentered my physical body and lost consciousness.

I regained consciousness a third time as I was flying rapidly upwards out of my body. I was only conscious for a moment before losing consciousness as I went through the ceiling.

Suddenly my eyes opened and I was awake, still lying on my back in bed. It was 12:35 AM. I went back to sleep repeating to myself "log three projections". When I awoke at 6:15 AM my first thought was to log the three projections.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lucid Dream Projection

Friday August 4, 1989

I dreamt I was sitting in a room where a party was in progress. I was flipping through cards that had words on them. I came to a card that said TROMPET. I knew the word was supposed to be TRUMPET. I looked away and looked back at the card. It said TREMPET. I remembered reading in the book Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, that if you read something twice and the words change, you know you are dreaming. I knew I was dreaming. There was a guy sitting on my left talking to me but I wasn't paying attention.

I closed my eyes with the intention of projecting and flying to visit my best friend. I felt the sensations of separation, but my left leg was holding me back like an anchor. My physical leg was bent uncomfortably. I straightened my physical leg, consciously relaxed again, and opened my eyes. I was still at the party and the same guy was still talking to me, except now he was sitting on my right. He was telling me his belief that if you think you can fly, then you can. I smiled at him and said, "I believe I can fly. And I just flew." The guy looked puzzled. I asked him which side of him I had been on a moment ago and had I walked around. He thought for an instant and then looked amazed.

I stood and made my way up the crowded stairway. When I got to the top I jumped out over the stairway intending to fly through the opposite wall. Instead of flying I slowly drifted down and landed on the heads of the people going up and down the stairs. I lost consciousness.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Monday, March 31, 2008

Weird Electrical Events

Saturday July 22, 1989

These events might be off-topic, but they were so strange I want to record them here. My best friend and I went on a very-strenuous nine-mile hike. For most of the hike the temperature was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity was 85 to 90 percent. It rained for about 40 minutes and we got wet, but we had gotten much wetter on many previous hikes. Although we heard distant thunder during the rain, there was no nearby lightning.

After the rain we were descending a steep slope. My friend was a few feet behind me. We both heard two popping sounds a couple of seconds apart. They sounded like they came from the air about two feet above and slightly behind my head. We were both startled. We agreed on the location of the sounds and on their description. My friend's initial thought upon hearing them was that I had stumbled into a live electrical wire. My initial thought was that small explosives (like cracker ball impact firecrackers) had exploded above my head. We discussed what we had heard but we were unable to determine a cause. The air space above and around us was clear. We continued our descent. A few minutes later we heard the popping sound again. This time in my peripheral vision I thought I saw a disturbance in the air at the sound's location. My friend thought he saw something in the air too, but he was unsure.

Later that night several strange electrical phenomena occurred. In retrospect we realized there were possibly-related events preceding the hike. I had gone to sleep early that morning after reading about astral projection and giving myself suggestions to visit my friend astrally, and to make him aware of my visit.

A chronological list of unusual events on that Saturday follows. The times are approximate.

3:15 AM - My friend was awakened by an incomplete ring of his bedside telephone.

12:30 PM - While driving to my friend's house before the hike my car's tape player failed to eject a tape at the proper time. I had to work to get the tape out. The last time my tape player had held onto a tape like that had been about two years before.

7:50 PM - During the rain my electronic pedometer's LCD display went blank. The display had never gone blank before during hikes in the rain.

8:20 PM - First pair of popping sounds.

8:25 PM - Third popping sound.

8:30 PM - My friend turned on his camera to take a picture and it automatically rewound the film as if the last picture had been taken. The camera had never rewound the film prematurely before, although it had gotten wet in the rain on previous hikes.

9:05 PM - The microcassette recorder I carried on hikes stopped working. It had been wet on many hikes and had never failed. (Later, even with new batteries, the tape recorder no longer worked.)

9:25 PM - My friend's car horn honked by itself on the highway on the way to dinner after the hike. It startled both of us. There were no other cars in sight.

10:45 PM - After supper we couldn't get the car's seat-belt warning light to go out. We unbuckled and buckled the seat belts but the warning light stayed on. Then I inserted a tape in the car's tape player and the car's door-open alarm sounded once, and the seat-belt warning light went out.

11:00 PM - The tape player started letting the tape slip, badly distorting the music.

11:45 PM - As I drove home from my friend's house my car's left headlight burned out.

11:55 PM - Putting my gear away after I got home I noticed the LCD display on my camera was blank. The camera had been much wetter in the past. Once I had even poured water out of the lens well. I dried the camera in a cookie tin with a drying agent, but it wouldn't work even with a new battery.

Follow-up: The microcassette player never worked again. The pedometer's display came on with a new battery, but the pedometer never measured distances accurately again. The camera cost $76 to get repaired at a shop. I had to use pliers and a vice-grip to unscrew the battery cap on my metal Brinkman flashlight that I'd taken on the hike. I had to use so much force that the metal case was damaged. The only electrical device I had that survived the hike was my Casio digital watch.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream Telepathy

Saturday July 15, 1989

Friday night my best friend went to see the movie "Batman". He had to wait in line outside the theater. The line surprised him because the movie had been playing for several weeks. Saturday morning he had a dream in which someone told him that the third eye was not it.

I dreamt that someone was teaching me about psychic growth. He stressed that I would be misdirecting my attention if I placed too much emphasis on the third eye. I also dreamt that my best friend and I went to a movie where we had to wait outside for awhile before going in.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lucid Dream Projection

Monday July 10, 1989

I read about astral projection techniques before going to sleep. I went to sleep repeating affirmations about having a lucid dream and projecting from the dream state.

I became conscious in a dream as I walked across the Davidson College campus. I was lucid. I knew I was dreaming and I remembered my plan to astral project from within the dream. I figured the easiest way to achieve bodily separation would be to fly. I jumped straight up into the air with my arms outstretched like Superman. I flew. It was wonderful. I flew straight up and quickly flew into the clouds. I was pleased with myself for successfully becoming lucid and for projecting. Then I began losing altitude until I was about to land on the ground. I couldn't stay aloft. I lost my lucidity and faded into a normal dream.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Friday, January 18, 2008

Similar Dreams

Tuesday June 27, 1989

My best friend dreamt he was attacked by several people (possibly vampires). He fought and tried to get away. He shot some of his attackers with a handgun. He climbed out a high window hoping to hide on the ledge until it was safe. There was no ledge and he scrambled, fell, and floated to the ground where he landed unharmed.

I dreamt I was attacked by several people in the woods. I killed two or three of them with a pistol. I fled in my car until I came to the top of a cliff. I thought I could climb down quickly by hand, but the cliff side was too steep and there were no handholds. I jumped, thinking I might break a leg when I landed. Instead I stopped in the air right before impact and landed gently.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Saturday February 18, 1989

My best friend dreamt the two of us were going hiking. I drove. About a half mile down the trail he got thirsty, reached for his canteen, and realized he didn't have his canteen or the rest of his gear. I was eager to continue hiking so I gave him my car keys and he went back to my car alone. At the car he realized that his house was just a couple of hundred yards away and he wondered why we drove. He also noticed that it was getting dark; too dark to start a hike. As he walked home he thought about my keys and how he could get them back to me.

I dreamt I was riding to a hike with an old friend and two other people. After we left the car, I got thirsty and realized I didn't have my canteen. I decided to walk up the road a hundred yards or so where I remembered there was a soft drink machine. The driver and I hassled over his car keys but I don't remember if he gave me his keys. Then he and one of the others started the hike. The remaining person and I left for the drink machine. On our way, I noticed it was getting too dark to hike.

Parallels: going hiking, thirst after leaving car, forgotten canteen, hassle with keys, car's owner kept hiking while other person went for something to drink, person who went back ended up walking rather than taking car, the walk from the car to a drink was just one or two hundred yards, too dark to hike.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Saturday February 4, 1989

My best friend dreamt he was driving fast and had no brakes. He came to several confusing intersections that he managed to speed through although he didn't know which way to go.

I dreamt I was driving and my best friend was in the back seat. I kept coming to intersections I didn't recognize and I didn't know which way to go. Later I was backing the car towards a stop sign and my brakes did not work.

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney