Monday, December 17, 2007

Similar Dreams

Monday November 7, 1988

My best friend dreamt he was driving and stopped by the road. I was there. There were also some bad guys on motorcycles. One of them attacked someone in the car. My friend stuck his pistol into the attacker's eye and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. My friend kept switching guns until he found one that worked.

I dreamt I was riding in my friend's car as we drove through a rough section of a city at night. The car had no top. Just before we made it to the open road, a guy jumped onto the back of the car and attacked me. He was screaming as he grabbed my head. I grabbed his head and pressed my fingers into the guy's right eye. I yelled "Shoot him!". My friend grabbed a pistol from the glove compartment and stuck it into the guy's left eye. I yelled "Shoot!". Then I woke up.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Saturday November 5, 1988

Friday night I went to a party at a coworker's house. We drank beer and played pool. I felt uncomfortable and conflicted, and I realized why. I used to spend a lot of time drinking beer, playing pool, and smoking cigarettes at pool halls, but I no longer drank, smoked, or played pool. Drinking beer and playing pool made me crave a cigarette and brought back my barroom persona. I realized I acted differently with my boss, with my friends, and in pool halls. This party forced me to accommodate all those roles simultaneously. I realized I needed to merge my behaviors into one consistent self. I noticed there were no ashtrays at the party. When I got home I had a fleeting, unintentional vision of blowing my brains out with my pistol.

Saturday morning my best friend dreamt he was in a room filled with masks hanging from the walls and ceiling. He also dreamt of writing a suicide note. Finally, he dreamt that he was smoking cigarettes and could not find an ashtray. (My friend does not smoke.)

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney