Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Similar Dreams

Wednesday September 3, 1986

Tuesday evening my father brought a small chest of drawers and a couch to my apartment for me. While carrying the couch into the living room, I brushed a wasp nest in the doorway. My father and I talked about it. A few minutes later while carrying the chest upstairs I heard what sounded like loose BBs in the drawers. I mentioned them to my father. I also told him about my best friend's pet tarantula.

That night my best friend dreamt that he was standing in a doorway shooting at a wasp nest with a BB gun. Later, he dreamt there were several tarantulas clinging to his clothes.

Parallels: wasp nests, doorways, BBs, tarantulas

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Monday September 1, 1986

My best friend dreamt he was visiting his parents when a nuclear war began. They watched the flashes in the distance.

I dreamt I was in a large mall trying to get back to the side I was supposed to be on when a nuclear war began. I watched blue nuclear lightning bolts disintegrating people. (In reality I was visiting my parents in North Carolina.)

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Dream Telepathy

Monday August 18, 1986

Sunday night I cut my hair for the first time in several months. I used two mirrors and examined my hair from several angles. I was impressed by what little hair I had and how quickly it was receding.

The same night my closest friend dreamt that he was balding. He saw his head from several perspectives and was disturbed by his hair loss. My friend is not balding. Thinning hair is not one of his concerns.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Similar Dreams

Wednesday July 30, 1986

My friend dreamt of sweeping the sidewalk in front of his apartment building. In the dream he thought it was strange since he never sweeps anywhere except the area in front of his door, and he does that rarely.

I dreamt my father got angry at me for eating slowly. He abruptly went outside to sweep the sidewalk with the understanding that I would finish eating quickly and be done before he returned. I thought his behavior was strange.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Similar Dreams

Saturday July 26, 1986

My best friend dreamt that he won $1000 which he received in the form of several checks of differing values. The checks were all together in an envelope. He was mildly disappointed that he had only won $1000 instead of a larger amount.

I dreamt that my boss was owed several thousand dollars by someone who could not pay. He asked me if I could give him some money. I told him I could only afford to give him $1000. He said that would help, but he would still rather have the entire sum. I got out my wallet and counted out $1000 worth of bills which I gave to him.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Tuesday July 22, 1986

Monday night my best friend went to eat late at Chick-Filet. He ordered some waffle-fried potatoes with the meal. The cook made him wait for a new batch of fries. My friend was in a hurry and was perturbed by the fact that there were plenty of fries already cooked. He wanted to serve himself from the old batch of fries and leave. As he waited, the cook began throwing the old fries away.

That night I dreamt I was eating late somewhere with my friend. I picked up a small plate of fries that looked old and soggy. My friend called to me from a different counter where there were fresh hot fries. I put the ones I had back and noticed the cooks were taking the food away and closing. As I tried to get across the room before the new fries were removed, my friend served himself by going behind the counter and getting a plate of fries for me. The cook quickly took the rest of the food away.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Projection with Dual Consciousness

Saturday June 28, 1986

I was trying to sleep late but the screams from children at the swimming pool in the complex's courtyard kept disturbing me. I was trying to get back to sleep when I felt my astral body separating. Suddenly I was flying through outer space. I did not experience a break in consciousness. I watched the distant, unevenly-spaced stars in all directions as I flew. Then I noticed I was not flying straight but following a faint curved trail I could barely perceive in the blackness ahead. At one point I slowed down quickly, changed direction, and accelerated to my previous speed. Finally there was an abrupt deceleration followed by a gentle feeling of sinking. The blackness around me was filled with tiny white spots moving upwards. I could not tell if I was moving down through them or if I was stationary and they were rising past me. They were too close to be stars. They reminded me of carbonation bubbles floating toward the surface of a drink.

Then I was standing near the center of a room facing one of the corners. The room felt familiar, like I belonged there. There was a large, slightly slanted, drafting table with a long fluorescent light attached. To the right of the drafting table was a desk. On the left were floor-to-ceiling shelves. The shelves, table, and desk were all cluttered with stacks of books and papers. As I examined the room I could feel myself lying in bed and I could hear the children at the swimming pool. I realized the room must not be real. I tried blinking to see if the room would change. It did not. Then I decided to look behind me so that if the room was a product of my mind it would have to be recreated when I looked forward again. I shifted my perception to behind me and then forward. The room was different. Instead of the previous furniture there was a bed piled with unsorted laundry. For some reason I believed the new room to be more accurate than the previous one. I felt like I needed to perform more tests to figure out where I really was. Then I was startled by a child's scream at the swimming pool and found myself wide awake in bed. The experience was over.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dream Projections & False Awakenings

Sunday April 13, 1986

This was a strange night. I was lying in bed trying to got to sleep when I felt my astral body separating. I felt myself fly up and to the right. Then I was flying prone like Superman, perhaps 200-300 mph. I remember seeing reds and purples above and below me as I flew. I decided to try to go visit my best friend. As soon as I visualized my friend and tried to take control I was awake back in my physical body, or so it seemed. I looked around the bedroom, closed my eyes, and tried to project again. (It was only later upon remembering the experience that I realized the bedroom I looked around was not mine.)

Very soon I felt my astral body separating again, and again I flew quickly up and to the right. This time I visualized the full moon. Instantly I found myself flying like Superman through a deep canyon on the moon. Pale yellowish-beige canyon walls zoomed past as I flew. Suddenly I was conscious back in bed again. I had been disturbed by two guys talking quietly in the corner of my bedroom. I was quite irritated that here I was making the best projection progress I'd made in months and there were two guys in my bedroom talking. (In retrospect, this was not my real bedroom either, and there were not two guys in my bedroom.)

I decided to climb out my window into my tree house where I could try to project undisturbed. I climbed into the tree house and was surprised to see an old girlfriend sitting on the floor, with her head hung in sadness. I lifted her face in my hands and looked into her eyes. There was no rapport. I said, "There are lot of miles between us." Then I moved to the corner of the room, lay down, tried to project again, and lost consciousness. (There's no tree house outside my bedroom window.)

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Precognitive Dream

Wednesday March 26, 1986

Wednesday night I was going to drive to visit my parents in another state. Early Wednesday morning I had a precognitive dream about my visit.

I dreamt I arrived in my parents' driveway, got out of the car, and floated up to the second story at the back of the split-level house. I floated into the computer room and was nearly overwhelmed by the strong odor of something that smelled like varnish or turpentine.

That evening I drove to my parents' house. After I had been there an hour or so, at about 10:30 PM, I smelled something that smelled like turpentine. I investigated. There was a bedspread laid out on the computer room floor to dry. The odor in the computer room was overpowering. I instantly recognized the location and smell as identical to what I had experienced in my dream that morning.

A few minutes before, my mother had accidentally overturned a bottle of cleaning fluid on her bed. She had put the bedspread in the computer room at the opposite end of the house to air out.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Tuesday March 25, 1986

A close friend was dozing Monday evening at home. There was a TV show on in which people were discussing income tax forms. The people kept confusing each other by not being clear about whether they were talking about current tax laws or proposed legislation. My friend was interested but he was too sleepy to keep up. (Both of us had completed our tax forms over a month earlier.)

I dreamt that my friend and I visited a coworker's house for dinner. Our coworker's wife and another guest were there. They talked about an important clause on the current tax form and how my friend and I could probably use it. They talked about how controversial the clause was and said Congress was debating whether to keep it on next year's form. The other guest walked over and turned on the television. A few minutes later he came back from watching the TV and said Congress had just voted to keep the clause.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Friday January 31, 1986

I got up with a bad sore throat on Friday morning. I wanted to call in sick, but duty prevailed and I went to work. Shortly after arriving at work I noticed I no longer had a sore throat.

A close friend and coworker thought he woke up at 7:30. He had a sore throat. He decided to take a sick day. He tried to call the secretary to say he wouldn't be coming in, but her line was busy. He went back to sleep. He next awoke (he thought) in a house he had lived in many years earlier. He felt terrible with a bad sore throat. Someone walked past his bedroom door and he tried to call to them but his voice was too weak and they didn't hear him. He went back to sleep. Then he awoke for real, the first time, at his regular time to get up for work. He did not have a sore throat.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Overlapping Dreams

Sunday December 22, 1985

I was in North Carolina. A close friend was in South Carolina.

I dreamt I was at a mud bank setting a complex trap for catching fossils. The apparatus consisted of net, rope, line, hooks, and bait. I had to finish before a small stunned mammal on a hook awakened and bit me. I was trying to teach someone behind me the skills and subtleties of setting the trap. I was frustrated that the person wasn't getting it, but I had to hurry about my work regardless of whether or not he understood.

The same night my friend dreamt that he wandered away from the main dream setting and stopped in front of a mud bank where someone was working on something. He watched awhile, did not understand the activity, and left.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Sunday December 1, 1985

My best friend was visiting his parents in another state. Saturday evening he rode an old bicycle his father had repaired. It was the first time he had ridden a bicycle in many years and he was a little shaky. He rode down a hill away from home and then uphill towards home. His legs got tired going up the hill and he experimented with the gears. The bike was a three-speed with the gearshift in the right handgrip and a little dial in front of the handgrip indicating the current gear. He was in a hurry because it was late and misting rain.

I dreamt that I was shakily riding a three-speed bicycle uphill towards home. My legs were tired and I changed gears with my right hand. I then looked at the dial in front of the right handgrip to verify my new gear. I was in a hurry because it was gray and misty and almost dark.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Saturday November 30, 1985

My best friend was visiting his parents in another state. He and his parents spent Friday computer shopping. He looked at much computer paraphernalia including flow diagrams and printer literature in which he kept noticing the word "font". His father's name is "Harry".

I dreamt I was at my parents' house in another state. I was reading a book about the structure of language. The book had bubble diagrams and computer printouts. I noticed the word "font" in the caption to a printout. ("Font" was not a word I was accustomed to seeing in 1985, which is why it made an impression on me, just as it impressed my friend as he computer shopped.) My first cousin was there talking to me as I read. His name is "Harry".

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Wednesday November 27, 1985

This incident was unusual in that it wasn't with a close friend. The only way to discover if a dream is telepathic is to talk about it with the participants, which is awkward with casual friends or coworkers. My dream was about a lady who worked in another group in the same building where I worked. I was not aware of ever having dreamt about her before.

I dreamt the lady and I were working together in a one-story data processing center at a school. The building was on a grassy hill overlooking a lake. We were at a business meeting watching a movie and whispering to each other. As we talked I ate the last half of the Butterfinger candy bar she had been holding.

When I told the lady about my dream she was surprised by how it reflected reality. She had worked in our building for less than two years. She said her previous job had been in a one-story data processing center at a university. The building was on a grassy hill beside a lake. She said she frequently ate a Butterfinger candy bar instead of lunch.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Monday, August 06, 2007


Monday November 18, 1985

I dreamt of watching a car crash into a telephone pole. The car was in the air and hit the pole a few feet off the ground. A section of the pole was broken out by the car, but the rest of the pole remained upright hanging by the wires. That morning at work I mentioned to a good friend that I'd had a vivid dream that morning I wanted to tell him about later.

During a slow period at work that morning my friend sat in his cubicle daydreaming. He held a pencil upright on his desk and pretended it was a telephone pole. Then he started throwing an eraser at it pretending the eraser was a car. He wondered about the fact that we have lined our streets and highways with telephone poles that are so dangerous to motorists. He thought about the possibility of designing poles that would easily break away at the bottom when struck by automobiles.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Monday October 21, 1985

Saturday afternoon my closest friend ordered a new car without telling anyone. He ordered an American car that would come from Detroit. He had kept his car shopping to himself. I did not know he was considering getting a new car.

Monday morning I dreamt that my friend, an older man, and I were talking. The man was explaining to my friend how long it would be before the new car he had ordered would be delivered from up north.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Friday, August 03, 2007

Dream Telepathy

Sunday October 20, 1985

My best friend went to K-Mart Saturday night. While he was there he noticed a blue light flashing over the infants department indicating a "blue light special". The next day, Sunday, he had an unusual desire for fried chicken and ate at Kentucky Fried Chicken. He had not eaten fried chicken for quite a while.

Sunday morning (while visiting my family in another state) I dreamt I was sitting in a lounge chair in a parking lot waiting for some event. A guy I did not know walked up eating fried chicken. I commented on how good it looked and smelled, and he gave me the rest of the leg he was eating. I hesitated, but then took the chicken and ate it. It was good. While I was eating, I noticed some commotion a short distance away under a blue light. I did not understand what was happening since I could see that there was no police car. Under the light there was something that looked like a baby buggy or a grocery cart.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney