Monday, June 25, 2007


early 1984

For a couple of days I had noticed oil spots under where my car had been parked at home and at work. I meant to check the oil but kept forgetting.

One night I became conscious in my astral body. I was opening the hood of my car. I checked the oil. It was dangerously low, below the acceptable level.

The next day a thought association made me remember the experience. I went out and checked my car's oil. The level was exactly where it had been when I checked it while astral projecting the night before.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dream Telepathy - the Beginning

November-December 1984

I was reading The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson. It was a fantasy trilogy that I really enjoyed. One day a friend told me what he had dreamt the night before. I recognized his dream as being similar to what I had read before going to sleep the same night. Several days later he mentioned another dream and again it paralleled what I had read that night. When it happened a third time I realized these were not random coincidences but some sort of dream telepathy. I began keeping a record of the occurrences.

I read of Covenant desperately seeking and climbing rocks to escape the wild vegetation produced by the "fertility sun". The same night my friend dreamt of climbing rocks amongst dense foliage.

I read of Covenant and his band trying to survive a journey through Sarangrave Flat -- a danger-filled, sentient, unwholesome swamp. The same night my friend dreamt of being in an evil swamp.

I read of Covenant and his band being held captive by the Kemper of the Keep. The Kemper was an ancient, powerful sorcerer who had built a castle in the desert. The same night my friend dreamt of being held prisoner with several others by a powerful wizard in a castle.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Psychometry & Psychokinesis

April 20-27, 1985

I attended an NLP modeling workshop which focused on individuals who exhibited psychic abilities. The main presenter was NLP cofounder John Grinder. Featured guests included Finbarr Nolan and Kevin Ryerson. The workshop was held in Miami, Florida. I had remarkable psychometric and psychokinetic experiences which I recorded. Psychometry is psychically sensing information about an object's past by handling the object. Psychokinesis (also called PK) is physically influencing an object by means of thought.

During the psychometric session people sat on the floor in groups. Each person put a personal object into a pile for other members of the group to read psychometrically. For my first attempt I meditated while holding a pair of feminine glasses. When I told the woman I thought owned them my impressions she didn't know what I was talking about. When I repeated my insights to the rightful owner, she said everything was correct. I had seen a stylish, modern room with lots of windows. It was very cold and snowing outside. The furniture was all in matching glass and chrome. The tables were clear glass with chrome frames. The chairs had chrome arms. The woman told me that I had described her living room. She was from Minnesota (which has snowy winters).

My second attempt at psychometry was equally successful. I was given a leather change purse to meditate on. After a few minutes, I began seeing brief scenes. First I was on a college campus at night. There were students walking on dimly lit sidewalks going from building to building. Next I saw a house overlooking a large body of water. Finally, I saw a room that was decorated very masculinely in earth tones. There were books everywhere. The room felt extremely safe and comfortable. When I found the purse's owner and related my impressions, the man was astounded. He said he was a lawyer from Maine. He taught at the local university at night. He lived with his family in a house on top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Whenever he needed to get away from it all, he retreated to his library in the basement. It was his sanctuary. Its decor was as I described.

I attended a PK party hosted by Barbara Wagner. She handed out spoons and forks to everyone. She stood on a table where everyone could see her and guided us through the thought processes that would hopefully result in our utensils becoming pliable. I think everyone felt pretty silly standing around talking to their spoons. I know I did. Her guided instructions went on for several minutes. I think everyone thought nothing was going to happen. Then the son of an attendee, a boy about ten years old, succeeded. He was standing right in front of me holding a fork pointing upwards in his left hand and gently testing the tines with his right index finger. Suddenly the tine he was testing bent to about ninety degrees and then got hard again. After that everyone started succeeding at once. My spoon became soft and bent easily. I was amazed. I kept trying and bent the spoon several more times. Each time it would suddenly become soft and pliable, I would bend it with almost no force, and then it would become hard again. After the party I went to a convenience store and bought some spoons which I took back to my hotel room and bent. I have no idea how the phenomenon works. One interesting thing about spoon-bending is that the spoon only bends when you stop concentrating on bending it. You concentrate for several minutes testing the spoon a few times a minute. Then you get tired, stop concentrating, and the spoon bends. At least that's the way it worked for me. Here's a picture of some of the spoons I bent.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Precognitive Dream

December 31, 1984

I dreamt I dropped a lit cigarette butt in a friend's new car. I watched in horror as the cigarette burned a hole in the car's gray upholstery. I felt terrible about the mishap.

A few hours later the same day I was driving my car (which I had bought new in August). It was a hatchback with gray carpeting in the storage area. I tossed my lit cigarette butt out the window, but it hit the edge of the window and blew back into the car. I stopped the car and turned around to find the butt. It was sitting on the gray carpet where it had already burned a hole. I was overwhelmed with the sense of deja vu from my dream of a few hours earlier. My view of the cigarette burning the carpet was identical to the image I had seen in the dream.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Dream Projection

Saturday June 23, 1984

I lost consciousness while trying to project to visit a friend and regained consciousness floating near the ceiling. I did not recognize the room, but I sensed the house was a specific house on North Main Street in Davidson, North Carolina (a house I never lived in). I also sensed that my sleeping body was nearby. The room was well lit by bright sunlight streaming through several windows. I tried to will away the dream world. I wanted to see where my astral self really was. Nothing changed.

I intentionally drifted downward to float through an open doorway into the rest of the house. As I approached the doorway I became aware of people moving around and talking in the next room. I felt an urgency not to be discovered. I remembered my plan to visit my friend. I thought I should be able to visit him instantly and leave the dream world behind. I tried, but nothing happened. I felt like the only way to get to my friend was through the room with the people.

I began flying frantically around the room in fear of discovery. I dodged a chandelier. Then I realized I could go through things. I intentionally flew straight into the wall at the outer corner of the room near the ceiling. When I struck the wall I was instantly wide awake in bed.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Projection with Friend

Friday June 22, 1984

I dreamt a friend who was more psychically developed than I, agreed to help me astral travel. He handed me a transistor radio and told me to keep it on station 7. Later I was standing at home watching TV. The sound was off because I was listening to the radio. I noticed the TV picture and the radio sound were in sync and the announcer was talking to me. Then my friend was standing in front of me facing me. I was holding a half-filled grocery bag of stuff I thought I'd need on the trip, including a Polaroid camera. My friend asked me if I was ready, grabbed me with both hands, and we skyrocketed into the air. I became lucid when I felt separation from my body. I felt extremely energetic, free, and alive as we flew.

Then we were in a busy tavern several centuries ago and I faded back into dream consciousness. The tavern was not in the US but I could understand everyone. The patrons were predominately burly, bearded males. I told my friend I had to get back because of an important obligation. He said since we were time travelling we could stay as long as we wanted and he would get me back at the same time we left. There was a hassle with some guys in the tavern and they took the stuff from my bag. I managed to keep the camera. I held it up to take a picture for proof and my friend told me not to. He said many people travel back in time as we had done and they all had to be careful not to change the past. I argued that we could do anything and if it altered the future, history would simply change and no one would know the difference.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Astral Kidnapping

Saturday June 2, 1984

During the preceding three weeks I read Projection of the Astral Body by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington (a great book), Practical Astral Projection by Yram, and Study and Practice of Astral Projection by Robert Crookall. I was currently reading Leaving the Body by D. Scott Rogo (another great book). I'd had a hard week. Friday night had finally arrived and I wanted to astral project. I listened to two relaxation tapes lying on my back in bed. I then tried to project from about 1:00 AM to 4:30 AM.

I was on the edge of consciousness intermittently watching hypnagogic images. I felt like my astral body had loosened and was slightly out of coincidence with my physical body. I tried to roll left out of my body. Suddenly I felt like I was sliding downward and to the left. I lost all sense of body and location. My field of view was filled with what appeared to be an out-of-focus, rectangular, vertical, Oriental tapestry. Although not sharp, the picture on the tapestry looked like an ornate, stylized dragon.

Then I seemed to be looking down a dark tunnel with a large square opening at the far end. I think the perception of a tunnel was because everything above, below, and to the sides of the square was dim and vague while the square was bright and sharp. I became aware that my heart was pounding and that I was consciously breathing. I felt like I was succeeding.

The square covered about an eighth of my field of view. It was above and to the left of center. The square was like a window through which I could see doorless archways, columns, stairways, and corridors. The scene was changing as if someone were traversing the labyrinth holding a camera. I was not moving. The sides of the tunnel were not going past me. Each turn taken was to the left. My sense was not that the traveler was lost, but that he was simply taking the route that needed to be taken to get to where he was going. The architecture reminded me of the M. C. Escher print "Other World". The colors were shades of yellow and brown.

I had recently discussed astral projection with a friend who was more psychically developed than I. He had offered to assist me in the astral dimension if he could. I mentally called to my friend and then tried to go to where he was, but nothing changed. I was simply a passive observer. The longer I watched the square the more rapidly the scene changed. It never moved so fast that it blurred, but it changed very rapidly.

Suddenly the square I was watching vanished and I was being pulled from my body by two points just below where my neck and shoulders meet. I noticed that my bed, body, and room seemed to be positioned differently from reality. There were two, dark gray, unwholesome beings hovering just above me on each side. Each being had a hand under me just below my shoulder blades. They were pulling me straight out from my body -- upper body first, feet last. The beings looked similar to the way I had envisioned goblins when I read The Hobbit. I did not believe they were real. I was not afraid. I waited passively to see where the adventure would lead. I also felt perturbed that whatever powers control such experiences saw fit to let me experience being lifted out by vile creatures rather than by good creatures. I remembered what Yram said about willing away unwanted entities. I tried and nothing happened.

I could understand the beings' communications with each other, as if they were telepathically muttering to one another as they tried to finish pulling me out. They were not working for themselves. They intended to take me to their master. Then the one on the left said, "He's conscious." The one on the right responded, to me, "You're coming with us." They said more that I've forgotten.

The last of my astral body pulled free and the beings flew upwards and backwards. They clutched me close blocking my view of where we were going. I called for my friend and the creatures laughed at me. They accelerated. Then the one on the right put its open mouth on my open mouth as we flew. The sensation was extremely unpleasant. It's upper jaw was inside my mouth so that it's upper teeth pressed my tongue against the floor of my mouth. I could feel the pressure, the teeth, the warm wetness, and the creature's hot damp breath. I did not taste or smell anything. I was reminded of an old woodcut I saw once in which a demon was stealing the breath from a sleeping child. I was repulsed by the experience and decided not to go with them. The instant I made that decision I was fully awake in bed with my eyes open and my heart pounding. There was no trip back and there were no unpleasant repercussions upon reentering my body. The clock said 4:35.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Projection, False Awakening

December 1, 1980

This was an astral projection attempt in the afternoon. I performed relaxation exercises and tried to astral project. I lost consciousness.

I became conscious floating in slow horizontal circles while anchored from below. I could not see or hear anything. I assumed my projection had been successful and that I was floating over my body in my bedroom. I had no control. As I contemplated my situation I realized I felt like the knot on a lasso being twirled very slowly above the head of a cowboy.

I abruptly reentered my body because I was being jabbed in the ribs. I opened my eyes and saw my brother. He was standing beside my bunk bed poking his fingers into my side. I was lying in the top bunk.

Then I awoke for real, alone in my real bed. There were no bunk beds and my brother was not in the room.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lucid Dream, Time Travel

June 28, 1979

This dream occurred in the afternoon after I fell asleep while trying to astral project to the future. My intention was to go into the future and find a calendar or some way of ascertaining the date. When that future date arrived I would be able to verify the experience.

I awoke walking in the country. I say I awoke because I felt completely conscious and lucid. I remembered my plan and wondered if I had succeeded. I wondered what time and place I was in. Then I realized I was a little boy, around eight years old, although my adult memory was intact.

I joined the two families that were standing around two covered wagons. There were eight kids (counting myself) and five adults. I knew I was part of one of the families. My family was very close and very religious -- Christian. I went over to another little boy about my age named Mike and asked him what year it was. He said it was 1858. Everyone accepted me as if nothing was wrong so I played along trying to fit in and wondering what I should do. I played with the other children, ate dinner with everyone, and slept with them that night.

The next day we continued our journey in the wagons. In the afternoon we stopped for the day and had a meal. After eating, while everyone was still together, I stood up and addressed the group. I told them I was astral projecting from the year 1979 and I did not know how to return. I said I was worried because I had already been there about 24 hours. The length of my visit made me think I had somehow become stuck there in the wrong time. The adults chuckled among themselves and talked about my overactive imagination. The children were bewildered. They had no idea what I was talking about. No one believed I was serious. The group broke up and everyone went about his business.

I approached the oldest son in our group when he was alone. I pulled out my wallet and showed him my driver's license and student identification card to substantiate my story. He did not believe me until I showed him several US coins bearing various future years. The coins convinced him that I was telling the truth. I then realized if I had astral projected back in time and possessed a little boy, I would not have my wallet and coins. I still felt lucid and awake. I wondered if I was having a very vivid dream rather than an astral projection. I decided if I could fly, then I would know I was dreaming.

I walked over beside one of the wagons and tried to fly. I could. I flew around the clearing so that everyone could see. The children clapped in delight and the adults stared in amazement. Everyone watched. I was no longer concerned about being stuck in the wrong time. I knew I was dreaming. I tried to convince everyone that I was asleep in my bed in 1979 and that they were products of my dream. My attempt was futile. They had their world and I had mine.

Later, I accidentally broke Mike's favorite toy. I tried to give him one of my bicentennial quarters to make amends. I dropped the quarter. When I bent to pick it up I found a handful of coins on the ground from before 1858. They were all halves and dollars. I put them in my pocket to take back with me as proof of my visit.

I called the families together and said that soon I would fly away and never come back. I said I wanted to tell them about the future before I left. I told them about the Civil War. I told them that three important battles would be at Vicksburg, Gettysburg, and Appomattox. I told them that General Grant was going to be President. I told them many more things about their future. Then I said goodbye, left them, and woke up.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Projection, Possession, Evil

September 20, 1977

This was one of my most intense dreams.

I was standing above a natural-looking grass amphitheater in the country. It seemed to be dusk and the amphitheater was filled with mist. I was at the top center of the slope leading down to the stage area. The place felt familiar although I could not remember ever having been there. The theater's shape and size reminded me of the large theater at Pompeii (which I visited in 1970). As I peered down the hill into the mist I noticed dim lights that looked like they were from houses. The place felt ancient, powerful, magical, and evil. I was nearly overwhelmed by the intense feeling of evil power.

I walked down a faint path toward the grassy stage area below. As I stood in the center of the stage area I noticed two plain wooden chairs at angles to each other a few feet from me. I also noticed two solid stone cylinders lying on their sides near the chairs. I looked up at the surrounding slopes and noticed the fronts of small houses built into the hillside. Each house was recessed into the ground so that it was only visible from the downhill side. The feeling of supernatural power became increasingly oppressive and an intense dread came over me. I felt like I had to sit down.

I moved one of the chairs so that it was between the two stone cylinders. Then I sat down in the chair and looked at the cylinders. They reminded me of ancient idols. Each one was about five feet long and two feet in diameter. As I looked at one of the cylinders I noticed there was a lifelike woman's face in relief, protruding from the side near one end. I walked over to the cylinder, grabbed the end bearing the face, and heaved the cylinder into an upright position. The woman's face was lower than my own. I examined her gray stone features and my sense of dread increased. I then walked over to the other cylinder with the intention of standing it up too. Before I reached it I felt a supernatural force overpowering me and I was gripped with terror. In panic I tried to run to the path leading up the slope. I knew if I could make it to the top of the hill I would be safe. The power was too great. I had barely reached the bottom of the hill when I felt my astral body leaving my body. I felt my knees buckle. My body crumpled to the ground.

Then everything became very strange. I experienced dual consciousness. I was conscious in two places at once -- both in what felt like my primary self floating above the theater, and in my other self which was a woman standing on the ground at the bottom of the hill. I knew the woman had forcibly ejected me from my body and had then possessed my body. Enough of me remained that I was still conscious in my body with the woman. I knew the woman had been trapped in the stone cylinder. I also knew that a man, the woman's mate, was trapped in the other cylinder. The woman was ecstatic. She exclaimed, "Oh yes! Yes! I've wanted this for so long! It's wonderful! Just to touch you! Hold you! To taste! To feel!"

Then there was a violent jolt as my astral self slammed back into my dream body. Simultaneously I was awake sitting up in bed with my heart pounding.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lucid Dream Projection

July 6, 1977

There was along dream preceding this projection. I'll start just prior to the projection.

A crowd of people was chasing me intending to do me harm. I ran to the top of a small hill and turned to meet my pursuers. Suddenly there was a pistol in my hand -- a .38 caliber revolver I think. I did not want to shoot anyone and be in trouble for murder, but I pointed the gun at the lead pursuer and told him to stop or I would shoot him. He stopped and we were at a brief stand-off as the other people began to surround the hill. I turned and ran through the only remaining gap in the attackers. As I ascended another small hill I saw an angry mob carrying guns and coming at me over that hill.

I stopped and realized my only hope of escape was to fly away. I remembered in similar dream situations I had been able to fly. I knew that if I were able to fly I would also be astral projecting. I hoped that my sleeping body was relaxed enough to allow the projection. I visualized flying and jumped into the air. I floated for a moment and then slowly gained altitude. I wanted my astral body to get far enough from my body to break the attraction so that I would be free. I knew that the distance required to break the physical attraction in the astral would coincide with the distance required in my dream for me to elude my pursuers. I floated about a hundred feet off the ground at a speed of perhaps thirty miles per hour.

When I was safe from my pursuers I realized could come down. I slowly descended thinking that when I touched the ground in the dream I would simultaneously be reentering my body. When I landed, an abrupt and dramatic change of consciousness occurred. I felt like I had just awakened. I was unusually alert, aware, and exhilarated. I wondered if I was in a dream world, an astral world, or astral travelling in the real physical world. I could not tell. I walked on for a few seconds and lost consciousness.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dream Astral Projection

Since this is the first dream post, I'll relate some background. For part of the seventies I kept a tape recorder beside my bed and recorded my dreams as soon as I awoke. In the late eighties I listened to the tapes -- seven sixty-minute tapes and four ninety-minute tapes. I transcribed the dreams that included conscious astral projections. Then I reused the tapes for music. Dreams in which I flew, time-travelled, or had psychic experiences other than conscious astral projections were not preserved.

June 10, 1977

I was with two coworkers at some type of secret class. We were in a large room with ten to fifteen other attendees. We were sitting on the floor in loose groups listening to the instructor who stood at the front of the room. My coworkers and I were very tired. Somehow I knew there was a large body of water right outside the room.

Suddenly the instructor spoke loudly. "Alright, now we are going to see if we can get out astrally. I want everyone to stand up. Stand up stiff and straight. Close your eyes and imagine vividly what I am saying. You are each enclosed in a column like a concrete building column. It is tightly fitting around you. Suddenly you begin to grow. You are getting bigger and bigger. At the same time the column is getting smaller and smaller. You are being crushed more and more tightly. And all of a sudden you are out!"

I felt the astral separation and I floated upwards as my body fell limply to the floor. I looked around the room and noticed that I seemed to be the only one who got out. Everyone else was milling around the room. I was concerned about my body. I was afraid the people might think I was dead or something and begin messing with my body -- checking it or moving it.

I noticed another coworker standing between me (the astral me) and the teacher. I drifted over to her intending to make her see me. I got right up at her face, waved my arms, and clapped my hands. She did not see me. Finally I either kissed her or licked her face. (I thought of both but could not remember which I did.) It worked. Both she and the instructor became aware of me at the same time. I said, "I thought you couldn't see me." They did not hear me, yet they said, "We see you."

Then I drifted around the room and out a window. I drifted into an upstairs window knowing that we were not allowed upstairs. I scanned some books and documents that were lying on a table. I do not remember their content. I drifted around upstairs awhile longer and then drifted back downstairs. The teacher said we were going to go upstairs to look at the book. I said that I had just come from upstairs and I had already seen the book. I stayed downstairs floating around the room, but I had difficulty remaining aloft. I would descend almost to the floor, try to go back up to the ceiling, float upward briefly, and descend again.

Then I was standing beside the instructor and I realized he did not believe I was projected. I tried to float upwards, but I could not. I had an idea and said, "Watch this." I stood straight and tall and quickly bent both my legs upwards at the same time. Rather than falling down, I hovered there about a foot off of the floor. The instructor shouted, "He's out! He did it! He made it!"

That's all I remember.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Monday, June 11, 2007

Intentional Astral Projection

1972, day unknown

I lay on my back in bed at night and tried to astral project. I wanted to visit a good friend who lived several miles away on the other side of a lake.

I separated and flew straight up through the second floor and the attic. I was looking down as I rose. I stopped rising perhaps fifty feet above the tallest nearby oak trees. I could see the streetlight by the road in front of my house. The lamp's glow was dim and surrounded by gray mist.

I remembered my goal of visiting my friend. As soon as I thought of my friend I began flying through the air toward his house. The town beneath me was shrouded in gray fog. I seemed to be flying about 30 miles per hour. I enjoyed the sensation of flying above the town, and then the lake. I flew much lower as I crossed the lake. I saw a faint glowing light reflected on the lake's surface. I wondered if it was a reflection of me or of the moon. My speed slowed and I began descending. I watched the reflected glow as I got closer and closer to the water. I tried to fly upwards, but I couldn't alter my course.

I hit the surface of the lake and snapped back into my body violently. My heart was pounding and I felt nauseous. I rushed to the bathroom thinking I was going to vomit. I did not. The feeling of nausea lasted several minutes.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney

Intentional Astral Projection -- Time Travel?

December 19, 1971, Monday 3:50–4:10 PM

I lay on my back in bed and tried to astral project. I wanted to visit my older brother who was his room at the opposite end of the house.

I felt detached. I felt like I had been thrown out into space. I was spinning (more slowly than a top). Everything was black. I felt like I was falling very rapidly, or moving in a direction other than down. I was afraid. There was a loud, roaring, rushing sound inside my head. I stopped moving.

I was floating near the ceiling and looking across an unfamiliar room. The room reminded me of a cabin at a summer camp. There were beds along the left and right walls, with their feet pointed toward the center of the room. There was a closed door at the far end of the room. Someone was asleep in a bed on the right at the other end of the room near the door. There was a knock on the door. Then the door opened and my brother stood in the doorway. As the door opened the person in bed sat up and I snapped into the body. The person in bed was I. The noise in my head was so loud that I couldn't hear what my brother was saying to me. I felt disoriented as if I'd been jolted out of a deep sleep. I could not talk. The noise stopped abruptly, just in time for me to hear my brother's final words, " better hurry. Dad's getting pretty upset." He closed the door.

I knew that in another room my father was standing beside a coffin containing the body of my mother. My brother was standing a few feet away. They were waiting for me.

Suddenly I was back in my real bed. There seemed to be no trip back.

Although this projection occurred over thirty-five years ago I still remember it clearly. It was a powerful and disturbing experience. My parents and brother are still alive.

Copyright 2007 Jon Maloney


Throughout my life I have experienced psychic phenomena - lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, and telepathy. Astral Projection is my favorite psychic experience, but it is difficult to achieve from a waking state (at least for me). The most common psychic phenomena I experience is dream telepathy, however, I've also experienced precognition, psychometry, psychokinesis, remote viewing, and clairvoyance. On this site I will share many of my psychic experiences, beginning with my earliest records and progressing to the present.

In contemplating whether to publish my psychic experiences I quickly came up with the following list of reasons for doing so.

1. I would like to increase the visibility of psychic phenomena. I think such phenomena are important parts of reality that must be recognized and included in our incomplete scientific worldview.

2. Often people are frightened by psychic experiences. Perhaps some people will find this site, read experiences similar to their own, and realize their experiences are normal. Such people may find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

3. My data should be available to researchers.

4. I dislike the social taboo against psychic experience. People are uncomfortable discussing dreams, out-of-body experiences, telepathy, and similar experiences. People who openly share such experiences are often ridiculed and not taken seriously. I think the world would be a better place if people freely discussed psychic phenomena.

5. I would like to organize my experiences and save them in one place. Creating this blog gives me an opportunity to do that.

6. I probably will gain new understanding and insights from rereading my records. I may recognize important patterns.

7. I have noticed the more I think about psychic experiences the more likely I am to have them, so working on this blog will probably induce more experiences.

8. My psychic experiences will give family, friends, and acquaintances a way to know me better, if they so desire.

Psychic experiences are controversial. I realize that an experience I interpret as telepathic could be dismissed as a random coincidence by someone else. However, an internal psychic experience is real to the experiencer and cannot be refuted. The controversy lies in what a psychic experience means. For example, if I experience an astral projection there's no question that I had the experience. The question is, "What does the experience mean?" Did I have an unusual dream? Did my consciousness travel to another physical location? Are time and space illusions that I temporarily transcended? Did some part of me explore an alternate dimension not yet discovered by science? The answers to these questions are not known, although theories are plentiful.

I should emphasize that every account is as accurate as I can make it. I have edited the entries for clarity, brevity, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Reading the Wikipedia article on Invasion of Privacy convinced me not to use real names, so I have obscured the identities of other people wherever necessary.

Enjoy the entries. Thanks for visiting. Your comments are welcome.

Jon Maloney

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