Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brief Projection

Tuesday Morning, July 2, 1991

I became conscious flying counterclockwise around a bedroom. I looked down at the bed and saw it was empty. I made some flying adjustments as I flew around the room. I was surprised that I had control of my flight. I wondered which direction I needed to fly to go visit my best friend. Then I visualized myself standing in my best friend's bedroom. Instantly I flew into a wall, everything went black, and I lost consciousness.

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Brief Projection

Sunday Morning, June 23, 1991

I awoke fully projected and floating in blackness. I was lucid. I felt great, however, I couldn't see. I willed myself to see and it worked. I was slowly flying around the ceiling of my bedroom. I looked down at my bed because I wanted to see my body. My bed was empty. I noticed I could control where I flew without ending the experience. I made a mental note thinking, "Remember to record this one as the best one ever." Then I lost consciousness.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Projection with Visual Errors

Sunday March 17, 1991

I went to bed exhausted at 1:30 AM on Sunday morning. I awoke at 8:30 AM and listened to the audio tape, "Astral Projection: Sound-Accompanied Lift-Out Hypnosis" by Dick Sutphen (from "Astral Projection Hypnosis Album", C184, 1980, Valley of the Sun Publishing). The tape ended without my having a projection. I rolled onto my stomach and tried to go back to sleep.

I became conscious astrally projected and moving backwards toward the ceiling. I could perceive the room clearly. I looked at the bed because I wanted to see myself. The bed was empty, however, I could see the indention on the pillow where my head was. (In fact I wasn't using a pillow.) I realized I had risen much farther from the bed than the ceiling. I felt like I might be able to control the projection this time. The walls looked like concrete blocks with crude shelves now and then. I was reminded of Alice as she fell down the rabbit hole in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I began sinking back toward my body. I realized I should fly through one of the walls and increase the distance from my body in order to stay projected. I flew sideways into a wall and everything went black. I could feel I was still going down. Then I felt my feet and legs reentering my body first. My torso was arched upwards so that my head, arms, and torso were still projected. I felt like I was hanging in that awkward position by my wrists, like I was a marionette suspended and controlled by strings on my wrists. I visualized an imaginary puppeteer using the strings to pull me back up and out of my body, but I kept sliding downward into my body. I lost consciousness.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Helping Hands Projection

Sunday February 24, 1991

The previous weeks had been unusually stressful at work, causing me to get very little sleep. I went hiking alone on Saturday. After going to bed very tired Saturday night I thought about astral projection. I thought about how I had not had a projection for a long time and how I was ready for another projection experience. I awoke too early at 5:55 AM, very restless with twitches in my arms and legs. I wanted to go back to sleep until 10:00 or 11:00. At 6:45 I was still awake and decided it might be a good time to listen to a projection-related audio tape. I chose a tape called "Astral Projection: Sound-Accompanied Lift-Out Hypnosis" by Dick Sutphen (from "Astral Projection Hypnosis Album", C184, 1980, Valley of the Sun Publishing). I put on my headphones, lay on my back, and listened to the tape. I still felt restless near the end of the tape when Sutphen's voice began again, saying he was about to wake me up. Instead of finishing the tape I rewound it and put my gear away. I still wanted to get a few more hours of sleep. I lay on my back awhile, couldn't get to sleep, and rolled onto my stomach.

I dreamt I was riding a bicycle down a dirt road in the country near my home town of Davidson, North Carolina (USA). The road narrowed and became muddy as it entered a construction area. There were earth-moving machines sitting around in a muddy field. My path ended at a barricade with no way to continue. I got off the bike and walked around in exasperation trying to figure out how to get to where I wanted to go. I decided there was nothing to do but go back the way I had come. When I turned around to get back on my bike I saw its front wheel had been removed. A boy about thirteen years old stood next to the bike. He offered to trade me my wheel for something. (I don't remember what.) The wheel was nowhere in sight. I was incensed that the boy wanted me to trade for something that was already mine.

Suddenly I found myself floating away in a carriage that reminded of the passenger basket under a hot air balloon. There was an old disheveled-looking dog at my side who seemed to belong with me. I turned and saw a girl who was not supposed to be there. I immediately searched the carriage for the little dog I knew must be there too. I found the little dog completely hidden beneath a blanket in the corner.

The scene changed and I was standing in my bedroom in Davidson (where I had not lived for ten years). There was a wondrous girl standing in front of me. I felt an overpowering attraction to her on several levels -- spiritual, emotional, physical. I had never seen anyone like her. She was completely white and glowing. Her clothing and physical details were all in subtly-different shades of glowing white. She appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She was fairly short, perhaps two or three inches over five feet. Her hair was short and very thick, with small white curls. Her facial features, including her eyes, were all white. She shimmered and glowed fuzzily so that there were no sharp details. Her dress had shoulder straps leaving her arms and shoulders bare. Her dress had a narrow waist and stopped about mid-thigh. She wore nearly-transparent white hose on her white legs.

We stood facing each other a couple of feet apart. My attraction to her was intense. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently drew her closer. I knew that she wanted to be there with me and for me, but she turned her face away when I tried to kiss her. There was never any verbal or telepathic communication between us. I put my hands on her waist and she leaned backwards so far that her head and torso were no longer visible. Her dress came up revealing the tops of her white hose. There were no clips or garter belt holding her hose up. I hooked the fingertips of both hands under the top edge of the hose on her right leg and slowly began sliding the hose down her leg. Although I felt strong physical lust, I also felt an intense spiritual oneness with the girl that I had never felt before. As soon as I began pulling down the girl's hose I was abruptly awakened and the dream world vanished.

I felt a brief flash of anger at being disturbed from such a wonderful scene. My anger was instantly replaced with overwhelming feelings of love, benevolence, acceptance, and safety. I was being lifted out of my physical body. I clearly felt hands on both sides of my waist and forearms on my hips, gently and firmly pulling me up out of my body. The touch felt feminine. When I was completely projected the hands let go and I could see as if I had just opened my astral eyes.

I was horizontal, near the ceiling, face down, in my bedroom in Davidson. I was moving quickly in a counterclockwise circle around the room -- like the knot of a twirling lasso. My room looked like it did when I had lived there during high school, with blue walls, orange trim, and an orange bedspread. There was no body on the bed. Some of the details about the room seemed wrong. There were a few small items laying on the bed. I had little control over my flight. I tried to penetrate one of the walls and I succeeded, however, I still flew in a counterclockwise circle. The circle was just bigger and the room was less distinct because I was flying inside the walls. I decided to try to fly upward through the ceiling and as soon as I had the idea I shot upwards through the ceiling. As I sped away from my bedroom I lost consciousness for an instant.

Then I was facing a wall that contained a window about the size of my TV screen. Through the window I could see another world, brightly lit with sunlight. I grabbed the edge of a sliding glass pane covering the window and slid it open to the right. There was a second pane behind the first one. I slid the second pane open too. I put my head and arms through the window and was pulling myself through when the pull of my physical body from behind became stronger and stopped me. The harder I tried to pull myself through, the stronger the pull from behind me became. I was still struggling to pull myself through the window when I lost consciousness.

(I have read many accounts of people who projected when the hands of unseen helpers lifted them from their physical bodies. I think this was my first experience at being lifted out of my body by helping hands.)

Copyright 2008 Jon Maloney

Dream Telepathy

Monday January 28, 1991

Sunday night I watched a movie in which a killer was killing women in bed by shooting them with a crossbow loaded with long South American Indian arrows. At one point the killer hunted a man he had trapped. The killer put a crossbow and the man's car keys several feet from the man and told him to get them and try to reach his car. The killer said that the car was behind the lion pen. The man scrambled for the crossbow and keys, wriggled through an opening in a fence, and (in confusion) tried to get around the lion pen to find his car.

The same night my best friend dreamt he saw a dead woman on a bed. He felt like he had to get some African spears before he could call for help. Then, I was with him as we went between two fences at the back of a zoo behind the lions. He was confused as to whether or not we were safe from the lions. He felt as though we were in danger.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dream Telepathy

Thursday November 1, 1990

Wednesday night a female friend of mine watched the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show. The show had two men talking in a room. Each man thought the other man was an escaped convict. Each man thought the other man was going to kill him. One man stepped into an adjacent room to load his handgun, which he brought back covertly. The other man rested his hand on the fireplace poker. Their conversation was tense and suspenseful.

Thursday morning I dreamt I was standing in a room with a man who I thought might try to kill me. Our conversation was friendly on the surface, but very tense underneath. I was wearing the fanny pack I wear while hiking. I discreetly unzipped the right pouch and put my hand on my gun. I flipped off the trigger safety. Then I realized I needed to load a round into the chamber if the gun was going to be useful. I briefly went into another room, chambered a round, put the gun back in its pocket, put my hand on top of it, and returned to the room where the other man waited. That's all I remember.

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