Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Waking Projection

Waking Projection

Sunday August 7, 1988

After turning my light off I found myself in an uncomfortable position on my back, but I was too tired to correct it. My head was turned far to the left, my hands were clasped on my chest, and my right leg was bent with my foot pushing on my left knee. I was not yet relaxed when I felt myself projecting. I felt like I was spinning backwards and to the right. The sensation lasted for several seconds. Then I was scooting slowly across a wooden floor. I saw the leg of a bed go by. I became less passive and realized this was my big chance. I was conscious and projected, but I had no plan. I tried to think of what to do and where to go.

Before I tried to go anywhere I rose and floated a few feet above and to one side of a bed. I was looking down at someone lying on the bed, but my vision was fuzzy. I could not see details. The person on the bed appeared to be a male lying on his back. The covers came up to his waist. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt or pajama top with a dark green and navy pattern. His right hand was moving back and forth on his chest.

Then I was back in my body in the same uncomfortable position. My right hand was rubbing the back of my left hand on my chest. It was clear the person I had seen was me. Judging by the angle and distance from which I had viewed my body, I had been hovering on the far side of the wall beside my bed, seeing through the wall. I was not wearing a shirt or pajama top. The covers were pulled up to my neck.

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